Rhaglen Seminarau Ymchwil

Seminarau Ymchwil Hanes

Semester 2, 2014-15

Cynhelir y seminarau am 4:30yp yn C164, Adeilad Hugh Owen

Croeso i bawb 

4 Chwefror                 Alexander Sarantis (Aberystwyth)

The Balkans in the Reign of Justinian: Barbarian Invasions and Imperial Responses

11 Chwefror               Caroline Dale (Aberystwyth)                               C6

It contains the news yet isn't as dull as the Telegraph: Daily Express Readership from 1939-1945

19 Chwefror **DYDD IAU 5-6:30yp       Nick Barnett (Caer)

Cultural Exchange or Diplomacy? Great Britain, the USSR and the Exhibitions of 1961

25 Chwefror   Darren Oldridge (Caerwrangon)                        C6

Fairies and the Devil in Tudor and Stuart England

11 Mawrth      Markus Späth (Giessen)

Innovation and Dissemination: Monastic Seals in 13th-Century Britain

18 Mawrth      Geoffrey Cubitt (Efrog)

i’w gadarnhau

15 Ebrill          Catherine Holmes (Rhydychen)

Connection or Comparison? Some ways ahead for Studying Byzantium (and the Western Middle Ages) in an Era of Global History

22 Ebrill          Norma Tribe (Aberystwyth)

Gentry Women in South-West Wales c.1750-1850

29 Ebrill          Tara Alberts (Efrog)

Medicine and Miracles between Asia and Europe, 1500-1700

6 Mai                **Darlith Dengmlwyddiant Canolfan Hanes y Cyfryngau**

Jean Seaton (San Steffan)                                     A14

The BBC and the Nation