Rhaglen Seminarau Ymchwil

Semester 1, 2016/17

Cynhelir y seminarau am 5:00 yp yn C4, Adeilad Hugh Owen

Croeso i bawb


5 Hydref                    Ali Kocho-Williams (Aberystwyth)

The Phantom Menace: Bolshevik manipulation and the British Empire, 1920-3

12 Hydref                   Nicholas Vincent (Paris)

Becket and the Victorians

19 Hydref                  Adam Coward (Aberystwyth)

Spiritual Journeys: The Rev. Edmund Jones (1702-1793) as

           ‘Purposeful Traveller’

25 Hydref                  Joan Tumblety (Southampton)

Dydd Mawrth              The Popular Encounter with Science and Medicine

LL-B22                      at the 1937 Paris World’s Fair

2 Tachwedd               Jamie Medhurst (Aberystwyth)

                                                The Early Years of Television and the BBC

                                                (jointly with Centre for Media History)

8 Tachwedd               IMEMS Seminar

Dydd Mawrth              Lars Boje Mortensen (Odense)

HOL Video                            Meritocratic Values in High Medieval Literature

9 Tachwedd               Jonathan Shepard (Oxford)

                                    Did Anything Happen in the Eleventh Century?

16 Tachwedd             Alex Walsham (Cambridge)

                                    The Fanatique Rage of the Late Times:

Iconoclasm, Reputation and Memory in the British Civil Wars

23 Tachwedd             Anna Hájková (Warwick)

The Strange Case of Anneliese Kohlmann: Boundaries of the Narratable, Transgressive Sexuality, and the Holocaust

30 Tachwedd             Harriet Webster (Lampeter)

Ralph Revised: New Approaches to the Chronicon Anglicanum of Coggeshall Abbey

7 Rhagfyr                   Jeremy Taylor (Nottingham)

'Films, Songs or Fountain Pens': Late Colonial Responses to Mainland Chinese Media in Britain's Far Eastern Empire

14 Rhagfyr                 Robert Ireland (Aberystwyth)

                                    The Man Who Could Have Saved the Roman Empire