Tourism Management students attend the ITB in Berlin

18 March 2016

Recently a group of final year Tourism Marketing and PhD students visited the ITB exhibition and convention in Berlin. The ITB is the largest travel trade event in the world and showcases over 180 different countries with 10,000 exhibitors. The event also attracts major industry organisations including the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Tourism Management student Lewis Thomas said “The ITB was a fantastic experience which really was incredible in terms of how big the facility was. It was also really useful to see people networking at the stands and talks”. As the leading travel industry Think Tank, the convention addresses the most important issues in the global tourism industry and presents solutions and best practice examples for current and future challenges. This year, particular attention was paid to the refugee crisis, robotic technology in tourism, the future of luxury tourism, Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability issues, as well as digital marketing and social media trends.‌‌

Students conducted research into destination brand architecture during their visit and attended workshops on destination brand identity. Tania Lewis, a final year Tourism Management student said “the ITB was an experience you cannot miss! The event was well worth attending as we gained a valuable insight into various marketing strategies and their vision for attracting new consumers”. Students also had the opportunity to make valuable industry contacts for their future careers and meet with recruitment professionals at the ITB careers centre.  In addition to research and networking opportunities, students also attended talks and seminars from a range of industry organisations including TripAdvisor, UNESCO, Dr Taleb Rifai (UNWTO), Ryanair and Euromonitor as well as a range of leading business-to-business and digital marketing consultancies. Final year Tourism Management student Iulia Nicola said “ITB is the perfect example of how important tourism is to the world, and that studying a degree like Tourism Management gives you so many options to choose a successful career path from”.

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