School of Management and Business students get stock market experience

21 March 2016

Aberystwyth University students were invited by OSTC Wales, based in Swansea, to compete against other universities while learning about life on the trading floor. The President of the Aberystwyth University Banking and Investment Society James Pickering takes up the story:

“Once again, it was a brilliant evening run by OSTC. It was very well run with everything that we could have needed, provided for. After settling in and getting a few beverages,  we were introduced to the heads of departments within the Company from the head of recruitment, to the head of the trading floor. (The main boss was also there).

The Universities were then split up, and we were firstly able to listen to a variety of staff within the company talk about their experiences working there, as well as take questions from ourselves. This was very fruitful, as it included their newest intern as well as the interviewer for OSTC, who was able to provide insight into the application processes and what would be expected of you. This could also be interrelated to applying for any sort of finance job, as it developed upon what you would be able to learn through Aber Careers, in terms of what they look for in a candidate.

Following on from the talk/q&a, we had a short break; followed by a 30 minute trade-off on the OSTC trading platforms to see who could make the most in that time period. Sadly we did not win (as they only announce the winners) but I believe that our best trading group was Lingxiao Liao, Zak Gibson and Adam Taylor who made somewhere in the region of £5000 in the time period together (I was told by them).

The evening then ended with a final talk from OSTC, giving out awards to the best trader (who had £6000 profit which was very close to our best) and the best trading University. We were then able to ask any last questions to any staff at the evening to finish off.

Overall, I believe the evening to have been a great success, I had very positive comments from the rest of the Banking and Investment Society and they all seemed to enjoy a well run and planned evening. I would personally see it as a great way to open up opportunities to anybody with an interest in stock markets or investment, this could become an invaluable stepping stone to such a sort after career choice.

I would also at this point like to thank the University and all the staff at the University involved in the trip, for helping to make this trip happen.

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