Students Work with Local Companies on Business Challenge

12 May 2016

Students studying Business through the medium of Welsh had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the new fire station in Aberystwyth town thanks to a business challenge funded by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

Their task was to develop a new concept for the use of a ‘community’ room at the station as part of a business challenge set by the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Welsh construction company WRW Construction Ltd, who are building the new station.

Participants had to propose a community based solution for the use of the room that was also associated with the Fire Service. Profit was also an element to consider. In the end there two groups submitted to members of the Fire Service and WRW, as well as lecturers Wyn Morris and Rob Bowen.

Rob said, "It was an extremely close contest in the end. After discussion the panel decided that there were elements of the two ideas that were very good so it was decided to call it a draw and share the prize money between them – congratulations to all involved. I would like to thank Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for their support, as well as WRW and the Fire Service for allowing us to work with them to play a small part in this development of the new fire station in Aberystwyth.

Group members:

Caryl Jones, Sadie Harris, Keeley Burroughs: an idea related to community well-being for all with different sessions looking at health, care for the elderly, and education.

Anest Summer Jones, Wil Jones, Rhys Gwilym: healthcare development classes for students and local residents with healthy cooking lessons and fitness classes.

As part of a separate project, there were a group of two students studying the Project Management (MSc) module also presented their course work to the group. Some of the ideas of all groups will be used by the fire service for the new room.

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