Marketing PhD student Denitsa Dineva wins ‘Best Paper’ Award

24 August 2016

First-year PhD student Denitsa Dineva and her two supervisors Dr Jan Breitsohl and Professor Brian Garrod have won the ‘Best paper award’ in the E-Marketing and Digital Marketing track at the prestigious Academy of Marketing Conference 2016.

Denitsa presented the first paper of her PhD thesis which investigated how companies manage aggressive consumer behaviour on Facebook and other social media communities.

For this study, Denitsa conducted an online ethnography of communities such as the Facebook page of Dolce & Gabbana and the YouTube channel of Ryanair for a period of 6 months. The results show that all but one company do not intervene with aggressive consumer-to-consumer interactions, despite continuous and severe hostility between its customers. The one company trying to intervene, Costa Coffee, was found to engage in 5 main strategies to respond to aggressive consumer posts on their social media channels.

Denitsa, who presented for the first time at an academic conference said:

I am really happy about this unexpected achievement. During the conference I received invaluable feedback from top researchers in my field. I also met other PhD students and started creating a network for future research collaborations. Following the conference I was invited to submit my paper to the special issue of the Journal of Marketing Management, which gives me the confidence that my PhD research area is current and in demand in the top marketing journals.’   

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