Aberystwyth Business School Lecturer Wins University Research Grant

30 August 2016

The Aberystwyth University research grant 2016 was awarded to Dr Jan Breitsohl for his research proposal on 'Social Media Conflicts'. The award will be used to finance a Research Assistant who will analyse consumer-to-consumer conflicts in online communities for the period of 3 months. Dr Breitsohl said:

I am very excited about this opportunity to develop my latest area of research. Obviously, aggressive interactions online have many negative consequences for social well-being as well as firm's commercial success, so my work will hopefully allow me to show an impact on policies regarding Internet governance and corporate social responsibility.

The main purpose of this particular grant is to inform two larger funding proposals: The first aims to cooperate with the corporate owners of online communities in order to design a series of experiments to find the most effective ways to manage online conflicts. The second will investigate online conflicts from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including how people involved in aggressive political, social and legal conflicts can be 'nudged' towards more civil behaviour.

So, if you are having a go at someone on a company's Facebook, Twitter or Youtube site over the next month, be aware: We are watching you!”

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