Aberystwyth Business School Economist invited to present research findings at World Bank

16 December 2016

Dr Homagni Choudhury, Lecturer in Economics and Director of Research for Accounting, Finance and Economics at the Aberystwyth Business School recently presented his research work undertaken in collaboration with colleagues at the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER, New Delhi, India) at a conference on ‘Jobs and Development’ held at the World Bank head quarters in Washington DC (USA) from 2-3 November, 2016.

The special conference organised by the World Bank Jobs Group, discussed the latest policy-relevant research to foster the creation of multi-sector, multi-disciplinary solutions to jobs challenges around the world based on research and empirical evidence.

In addition to the regular sessions in all fields of labour economics and development, special sessions on Jobs, Structural Transformations, Technology and Regulations were organised. Speakers and experts from around the world presented papers and policy focused keynote lectures and plenary discussions.

Dr Choudhury and his colleagues presented their on-going work titled “Law, Skills and the Creation of Jobs as ‘Contract’ Work in India: Exploring Survey Data to Make Inferences for Labour Law Reform”, highlighting the need for labour market reforms in India to be shaped in a way that would encourage labour law to be framed in a manner such that it is efficient, not only in terms of jobs creation, but also in terms of generation and up-gradation of worker skills.

More information about the conference including details about speakers and their work is available at: http://jobsanddevelopmentconference.org

More information about the ‘Jobs and Development’ program at the World Bank is available at: http://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/jobsanddevelopment

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