Using the Iron

How to operate

Fill with water

• Be sure to unplug the iron prior to filling the reservoir with water.
• Be careful not to fill over the ‘MAX’ line on the water tank.

Using as a steam iron

• Turn the selector switch to minimum and stand the iron on its heel rest.
• Plug in the iron and set the dial to the required position. The pilot lamp will illuminate. In this setting, the iron can be used as a steam iron when the pilot lamp goes out. The lamp will illuminate and go out regularly during ironing as an indication that the temperature control is working properly.
• Slide the steam controller to the desired position to create required steam. Steaming will stop when the iron is placed on the heel rest.

Using the steam burst button

• Using the iron horizontally, lift the iron and press the steam burst button. You may need to press the button a few times after filling to activate the pump. The burst steam facility can be used only when ironing with high ironing temperatures.
• The burst button can be used vertically to remove creases from hanging clothes, curtains, etc.

Using the spray button

• You may use the spray button at any temperature setting on both steam and dry ironing as long as there is water in the tank. To activate, press the button several times.

Using as a dry iron

• Stand the iron on the heel rest and then plug the iron in.
• Turn the steam control knob to ‘MIN’ and adjust the dial to the proper temperature control. When the pilot lamp goes out, it indicates the iron has reached the required temperature.

Temperature Control

Ο     Synthetics

ΟΟ   Silk/Wool

ΟΟΟ Linen/Cotton

Ironing care and use tips

• Check the inside seam of the garment to find ironing instructions. Test a small area (seam or inside hem) before ironing. When in doubt, start with low heat. Gradually increase heat, if wrinkles remain.
• Avoid ironing over zippers, rivets or jeans as they will scratch the soleplate.
• If you live in a hard water area, distilled or de-ionised water is recommended.
• To store, first empty the remaining water. After emptying the water tank, store the hot iron in an upright position so that any moisture remaining will evaporate quickly. Let the iron cool completely before storing.

Safety tips

• Do not use for any purposes other than the appliances intended use.
• Do not use if the appliance or the cord is damaged. Report this to the Accommodation Office.
• The iron should always be turned ‘OFF’ before plugging or unplugging from outlet.
• Do not leave iron unattended while connected or on the ironing board.