How to use the Kettle

How to operate


• Press the lid lock to open the lid. Fill with at least 2 cups of water, but not above the max. Close the lid and press down to lock.

Switching on and off

• Plug the stand into the wall socket and place the kettle on the stand. Move the switch to | - the light will glow and the kettle will begin to heat up.
• The kettle will switch off automatically once the water begins to boil. To switch off manually, move the switch to O, or lift the kettle off the stand.

Care and maintenance

• Wipe the inside and outside with a damp cloth. Keep all connectors and sockets dry.
• Descale regularly, using a descaler suitable for use in plastic products.
• To clean the filter, push the top of the filter down and back, into the kettle, to release the hooks on top of the filter from the mounts on the spout. Lift the filter out of the kettle and brush the filter under a running tap. Lower the filter back into the kettle and engage the slot at the bottom of the filter in the bottom of the inside of the spout. Press the filter down and towards you to force the hooks on the filter under the mounts on either side of the spout.


• The kettle must be supervised when in use.
• Don’t put the kettle, stand, cable or plug near liquid as well as the edge of worktops.
• Only water should be heated in the kettle.
• Don’t fill above the max – overfilling may cause the kettle to spit boiling water.

If the kettle is damaged in any way please return to reception where you will be given another one.