Using the Vacuum Cleaner

How to operate

• Plug appliance into the wall.
• Connect the handles firmly until you hear a click. Turn the hose clockwise into the base.
• Press the green Start button to begin cleaning. To increase power, press the red Hi-Power button.
• Press the lever on the head of the vacuum to engage or disengage brush mechanism.


• Turn the appliance off before cleaning the appliance.
• To change the filter, unclick the top of the vacuum and remove the filter holder. Close the filter lid and throw away the used filter bag.
• Attach a new filter bag to the hose, replace filter holder and re-snap the top of the vacuum.


• Only use the vacuum cleaner for normal dry household dust and dirt.
• Do not vacuum areas that contain moisture, water, inflammable matter, or small sharp objects such as needles or pins.
• When rewinding the power cord, hold the plug body before pressing the rewind button to prevent whipping.

Things to consider before reporting a problem with the vacuum cleaner:

ProblemCheck pointMeasure
Suction power is weak

• Dust bag

• Pipe or hose

If dust bag is dirty, replace it. If clogged or blocked, remove the object.
The cleaner does not work

• Power cord

• ON/OFF switch

Check if power cord is plugged in.

Check if the power switch is turned on.
Power cord does not rewind

• Power cord

Pull the power cord out a little and press the cord rewind button.