About my accommodation

When will I know which residence I will be living in?

The name of the residence you have been allocated will be given to you when you receive your offer of accommodation.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the exact block/house/flat and room until your day of arrival.

Why haven’t I been allocated my first choice?

We cannot guarantee you will receive your first choice of accommodation. Your preferences will be used as a guideline and we will make every effort to offer you your preferred accommodation but this is dependent on the availability of rooms at the time of allocation.

Accommodation is allocated by a computerised system on a first come, first served basis in date and time order of application. However, certain students have priority and their accommodation may have been allocated as a higher priority than yours. Please see our Accommodation Priorities Policy for further information.

Can I change accommodation after I have received my offer?

Please contact the Accommodation Office and we can check what accommodation options are available.

Alternatively, shortly after you have moved in, you may be able to transfer rooms. For more information, please see our Transfer FAQs.


It is important you provide your correct address to ensure any post you receive gets delivered to the right place. Your full postal address can be found on our postal address webpage.

Can I view my room before I move in?

Unfortunatley, you cannot view your accommodation before you move in.

To see our range of accommodation please visit our accommodation options page for pictures or come along to one of our open days where you can have a tour of accommodation.