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Crime and Popular Culture

Contemporary issues in criminology

Debate key contemporary issues in Criminiology, such as hate crimes, miscarriages of justice and animal abuse. 


Explore how abnormal behaviour and mental illness in individuals, influences their decision making and impacts the course of their lives. 

Psychological explanations of criminal behaviour 

Look at the psychological, biological, environmental and evolutionary explanations which could explain criminal behaviour. 

Sports: Law and Society 

Investigate the criminal, contractual and criminological aspects of sport, with talks from eminent speakers from the sporting world. 

Employability and skills: 

  • Students will benefit from visitors by employers to the Law School, e.g. The Police Force, Solicitors, Judges
  • Careers fairs, drop in sessions and workshops
  • Careers guidance interviews
  • Professional future sessions 
  • Peer mentoring 


  • Offensive weapons, self-defence, location, emotion, and the media.
  • Assisted dying and Euthanasia.
  • Wildlife crime; animal abuse and miscarriages of justice.
  • Crime prevention and reduction, offending in combat zones; supporting veterans.
  • Desistance from crime and creative interventions in offended rehabilitation. Dr Brendan Coyle is a member of the Dyfed Powys Police Research Board.
  • Capital punishment in the USA.
  • Piracy and the private sector.
  • Miss Katherine Williams is Chair of the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice.

Human Rights and Social Justice

International Human Rights Law (Postgraduate)

In today’s potentially dangerous societies, Human Rights are vital in protecting individual rights. The United Nations, various NGO’s and other National mechanisms have a role to play in safeguarding rights around the world.

Criminology of Human Rights violations

Explore the use of Criminal law and sanctions against individuals and organisations involving the perpetration of atrocities.

Youth crime and youth justice

Challenge how the media distorts and directs the reporting about youth crime by describing the nature, context and extent of youth offending.  Understand why young people commit offences and how the youth justice system responds to children and young people in trouble.

Employability and skills: 

  • Annual Postgraduate conference
  • Employer events & visits by HAFAL; Citizens Advice Bureau; Ceredigion Assosication of Voluntary Organisations; appropriate adult scheme team; advisors from voluntary organisations and charities
  • Careers fairs, information drop in and workshops provided by the careers team. 
  • Professional future sessions 
  • Mooting 
  • Peer mentoring 
  • Criminal Justice palcement module 


Cyber Crime

Cross border legal issues on the internet and beyond (Postgraduate)

Discover how national law incorporates modern Information Technology when communicating globally in transnational civil and criminal disputes.

Law in action

Understand how the law plays a key role in our current everyday lives. Assess current issues as topics of illustration, such as social media, online identity & privacy.

Employability and skills: 


  • Contractual challenges of commercial software supply: the impact of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 on digital content.
  • Online governance, including hate speech, fake news and jurisdiction.
  • PhD research includes identity Theft on the internet; “Privacy and Society in the Internet Age: To what extent can a person lead a private life?” and 'Prosecuting Cyber stalkers & Cyber trolls: Analysing current legislation and sentencing practices.’

Environment and Sustainability

Climate change law and policy (Postgraduate)

Discover the legal and policy framework for addressing climate change, the challenges and developments at international, regional and national levels.

Food policy and law

This multi-faceted module brings together various important areas of law, including international trade and policy; environmental and criminal law and policy.

Environmental law and policy

Gain awareness of the legal aspects of environmental changes reported regularly. Global warming; the ozone layer; sea levels rising; and melting of the ice caps are all issues which affect future generations. 

Employability and skills: 


  • The environment and human rights: climate change. Dr Engobo Emeseh is on the UNDP Expert Rapid Response Roster on Extractive industries and has been an Expert Panel members on Natural Resources Governance to Africa Capacity Building Foundation.
  • Protection of nature in the marine and terrestrial environment. Ms Kerry Lewis is also a member of the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA).
  • Agricultural policy and climate change. 

The Corporate Jungle

International Commercial law (Postgraduate)

Study key concepts, mechanisms and issues in transnational commercial law. You will engage with not merely the current challenges to commercial activity associated with corporate responsibility, but also with environmental protection and sustainability, human rights, and the impact of information technology.

Crimes and misconduct in Business, Politics and the professions

Consider critically, the use of criminal law and criminalisation relating to a range of business and professional activities.

We also offer a range of undergraduate modules, such as Commercial law; Company law and Corporate Governance examine issues relating to the corporate world.

Employability and skills: 


  • Regulation and criminalisation of business cartels and legal control of delinquent business activity.
  • PhD research includes Corporate Social Responsibility and Art theft; and Corporate Governance and financial reporting.
  • Dr Uta Kohl is a Trustee on the Board of the Internet Watch Foundation.