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Annual Programme 2016-17

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Wednesdays 1.10 - 2 pm

Elystan Morgan Building 2.50   (unless stated otherwise)

Thursdays 1.10 -2 pm 

Elystan Morgan Building 2.50 (unless stated otherwise)


26 June 2017

Professor Helen Codd, University of Central Lancashire “Lemurs versus Synchronised Swimmers? Responses to Child Victims of Sexual Offences” RB0.38 4pm – 5pm

19 June 2017

IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38, Wyn Morris “Farm technology adoption, entrepreneurship and income opportunities”


12 June 2017


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38, Aloysius Igboekwu “Empirical evidence of Initial Public Offering underpricing and initial returns in China stock markets”



7 June 2017


PhD students

Abbas Ghaznavi 'Cultural Heritage: Evaluating the Priceless'

Manon Chirgwin "Scotland, New York and Finland: Comparisons of the age of criminal responsibility"


29 May 2017

PhD students

Gareth Evans  "Devolution and Brexit: Reflections on the Constitutional Smörgåsbord"

Megan Talbot "Frankenstein, zombies, and an American gender explosion: The state of British gender identity law and why it may have done more harm than good"


22nd May 2017

Jen Phipps “Enlist and Desist? The Recruitment of Child Soldiers in to the British Armed Forces”

IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38, Marco Odello, 'Undesirable and unreturnable: the problem of refugees and human rights law in Italy'


15th May 2017

PhD Students

Angharad James on Retention of Title clauses

Naheed Sultan on Convergence in Corporate Governance

IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38 Kyriaki Remoundou


8th May 2017

Ms Bridget Penhale, Reader in Mental Health,  School of Health Sciences at UEA, Norwich ‘Older Women, Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse: Recent Findings and Ongoing Challenges’ EM1.21

IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38 Ratnes Alahakone “Corporate volunteering : An analysis of the drivers, mediating mechanisms and outcomes”

PhD students

Heddwen Daniel 'You’ve Been Breached’! An investigation into the responses of Youth Justice practitioners to children who fail to comply with statutory orders'

Nabilah Subaidi 'Internet child pornography: is there harmonisation between the current Malaysian laws and Islamic criminal law to protect children on the Internet?

IMPACT Drop-in Session with Sarah Wydall , 1-3pm, EM2.50, see also:

1 May 2017


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38 Kerry Lewis “Nature conservation in Wales and Brexit”



3 April 2017

Sarah Wydall and Rebecca Zerk “A credible witness or deluded crank?   - the consequences of criminal justice under-enforcement and nonfeasance for victim-survivors of domestic abuse in Dyfed Powys”


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38 Peter Midmore “The science of impact and the impact of agricultural science”



27 March 2017


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38  Dr Matthew Gobey (Manchester Metropolitan University)“End of the national tax on local growth:  Local employment or financial distress?”


20 March 2017

Sam Poyser  'Re-trial by TV: the role of the media in revealing miscarriages of justice'

PUBLIC LECTURE Dr Margaret Flynn, one of the UK’s leading experts on adult safeguarding,’The imperfect art of safeguarding: learning from two reviews’ Llanbadarn, 6.30pm


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38  Mandy Talbot “Farm tourism in Wales: A new peasantry perspective”



13 March 2017

Brendan Coyle  'They just treat you like a f***ing child': Young Adults, Infantilisation & the CJS


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38 Ryszard Piotrowicz, “Ethical employment in supply chains: Cardiff takes the lead’


6 March 2017

John Williams 'Social Care: Crisis? What crisis?’


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38  Jan Breitsohl “Brand teasing: Antecedents of consumers' aggressive humour online”


27 Feb 2017


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38 Shafiul Azam 'Poverty, vulnerability and food secuirty in rural Bangladesh' 


20 Feb 2017


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38, Engobo Emeseh "The SDGs, Access to Justice and Environmental Victims"


6 Feb 2017

Naomi Salmon 'Talking about Food: From Talk to Action'


IBL Seminar,  4-5pm, RB0.38, Chris Harding “Sanction accumulation, in relation to the enforcement of rules against business cartels”


30 Jan 2017


IBL seminar 4-5pm, RB0.38 Dr Abdi Ali “Does commodity price volatility discourage economic openness? The role of polarisation" 16.00 – 17.00, Rheidol

16 Jan 2017

Uta Kohl 'Fake News - an interdisciplinary project'


9 Jan 2017

Glenys Williams Assisted Dying: where do we go from here?”

12 Dec 2016

Ola Olyusanya  ‘Transitioning from War to Peace: Reimagining International Criminal Justice’

Ryszard Piotrowicz  REF - what does it mean for us?

5 Dec 2016


Live screening of the UKELA seminar on Brexit issues relating to Trade and the Environment (more details)
28 Nov 2016

Marco Odello "Promoting your profile - Using internet in the contemporary academic environment”


Christohper Harding 'Research Leadership - Grants and Promotion'

21 Nov 2016  

Ann Sherlock “Enemies of the People”? The Judiciary and the Brexit Case'

14 Nov 2016

Richard Ireland 'Wooden Horses and Dead Vermin"

Evening live-streaming of UKELA Annual Garner lecture:

Pamela Castle OBE, former Chair of UKELA and Founder of Castle Debates: 'Environmental Science, Law and Policy - Challenges and Opportunities'


7 Nov 2016

Sarah Wydall “Domestic violence in later life: a case of a few surprises”

31 Oct 2016

Ffion Llewelyn 'Imminence – an essential requirement or mere indicator of reasonable force?'


24 Oct 2016

Ryszard Piotrowicz ‘Opportunities for Organised Crime through Irregular Migration into Europe: What Must Europe Do?'


17 Oct 2016

Kerry Lewis 'A BREXIT grilling - the Implication for the Environment in Wales'

10 Oct 2016

Ann Sherlock 'The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales'

3 Oct 2016

Chris Harding ‘The Fate of Research – Basement Tapes or Lost in Space?’

With guests: Professor Melanie Williams, William Hines and Richard Ireland


26 Sept 2016

Nathan Gibbs 'Mapping the Legitimacy Crisis of a Post-Sovereign Constellation'

UKRO Annual visit

9.15 -11.00am Executive Boardroom, Visualisation Centre: Emma Carey, UKRO Advisor: BREXIT Update, opportunities for lobbying and Q&A    

3pm-4pm Institute of Management & Law: “Excellence Science (Marie Curie & ERC) and Opportunities for Social Sciences in H2020. Q&A”


19 Sept 2016

Tuesday 20 September, 9.30am, Rheidol Building, 2.20

Professor Colin McInnes,The Implications of the Stern Review for the University’s REF submission strategy - Building on Success and Learning from Experience: An Independent Review of the Research Excellence Framework

Ruth Atkins  'Digital content and contractual challenges'


Law School Research Expertise and Interests

Human Rights Protection

Ann Sherlock – children’s rights – human rights in the EU and ECHR

Naomi Salmon – consumer rights – the right to food

Anel Boshoff – human rights theory

Catrin Fflur Huws  - language rights and minority rights

Sofia Cavandoli  – democracy, self-determination and human rights

Uta Kohl  -  corporate human rights and abuses – human rights on the internet

Sarah Wydall – human rights and domestic violence policy development

Engobo Emeseh – human rights and the environment

Marco Odello – humanitarian law – International Commissions of inquiry - international human rights organisations - international law

Ryszard Piotrowicz – humanitarian law - people trafficking – refugees - migration law - international law

Chris Harding – human rights interface with criminal law

John William – the  rights of older people

Law and Society

Anel Boshoff – family and gender issues - law and language - semiotics -  law and politics

Glenys Williams – euthanasia

Rebecca Zerk - Gender-based harms, particularly domestic violence and abuse

Catrin Fflur Huws – law and theatre - law and literature - law and linguistics

Sarah Wydall  - gender-based harms

Richard Ireland – legal theory

John Williams – aging and the law

Ryszard Piotrowicz – law and gender

Criminal Justice



Kate Williams - third sector in criminal justice

Sarah Wydall - justice mechanisms

Glenys Williams – emotions in criminal law

Ffion Llewelyn – self-defence and knife crime

Jen Phipps –  criminological perspectives on the military and veterans - gender in the military - early intervention / crime prevention - reintegration of offenders - victim offender mediation - police training & education

Chris Harding – economic crime – EU criminal law

Alan Clarke – evaluation of criminal justice interventions - domestic violence and elder abuse

John Williams – elder abuse - older people in the criminal justice system

Richard Ireland - history of criminal justice

Ola Olusanya– international crimes – war and veterans –criminological theory – theoretical integration in criminology – punishment - race and crime

Ryszard Piotrowicz – human trafficking and human smuggling

Rebecca Zerk - Crimes against older people and justice seeking remedies -  victims experiences in the adversial process

Brendan Coyle - young adults in contact with the criminal justice system - desistance from crime - arts interventions

Welsh Affairs

Catrin Fflur Huws – Welsh language rights - bilingual law making and statutory interpretation

Kerry Lewis – nature conservation in Wales - planning and devolution

Ann Sherlock – devolution – Commissioners and Ombudsmen in Wales – implementation of children’s rights in Wales

Glenys Williams – health care in rural Wales

Kate Williams - Welsh social and criminal justice, esp youth justice

Richard Ireland  - Welsh penal history

John Williams – social care and devolution

Global Commerce

Ruth Atkins– intellectual property law

Engobo Emeseh – corporate social responsibility - international economic law - petroleum law

Constantina Sampani – maritime law

Uta Kohl –  regulation of transnational corporations - company law

Chris Harding – cartel regulation

Technology and Society

Uta Kohl – internet governance - internet jurisdiction - intermediary liability

Rebecca Zerk - the use and misue of technology in young people’s intimate relationships (developing and maintaining relationships, sexting, coercive control, monitoring and survelliance)

Naomi Salmon – regulation of biotechnology and nanotechnology

Ruth Atkins – electronic commerce

Environment and Food Policy

Engobo Emeseh – international environmental law, policy, rights and governance

Sofia Cavandoli – the environment and human rights

Naomi Salmon – national and international food security, sustainability and governance

Kerry Lewis – nature conservation and environmental protection

Gerald Schaefer – environmental protection during armed conflicts

Governance and Constitutional Studies

Anel Boshoff – governance and gender equality

Sarah Wydall – research ethics and qualitative methodologies

Nathan Gibbs – constitutional theory - history of legal theory - comparative law

Chris Harding – governance and criminal law

If you are interested in completing research in an area not mentioned here, please also get in touch as this list is indicative only.

Research Centres and Projects

The Law School Research Student Activities

Aberystwyth Law School Postgraduate Conference

Aberystwyth Law School Postgraduate Conference is a student led endeavour which aims to enhance research, learning and discussion as well as to provide networking opportunities in a friendly and supportive environment. We aim to be an informal/relaxing environment for student researchers to begin their conference journey and to develop their research.

Undergraduates are also encouraged to attend the conference so that they can experience a postgraduate environment and enhance any research interests they may have.

The conference is held annually and to find out more and keep up to date about the next conference, visit our website, social media sites or email us.

Website or Facebook

Twitter: @AberLawConf Email:

Past conference titles:

2017: ‘The Interwoven Relationship of Law and Media’

2016: ‘Changing Law…Changing Society?’


Law PhD Students Podcast on Legal Topics

Two of our PhD students, Megan and Linda are podcasting to relate legal topics for lay people. It is their aim to demonstrate how the Law is relevant and interesting outside of University walls while making it accessible to the general public.

Please scrawl through the below soundcloud options for available interviews.


Aberystywth Law School PG Blogging Website

The website gives students at Aberystwyth’s Law School a space to share their work and their experiences, not only to support their own development, but also to encourage public and academic engagement, and even to bring other PG students (from other institutions) together in our experiences.

Equally, the website also plays host to the “LawStories” podcast where you will hear relevant and/or interesting law related stories, facts and discussions from experts in an accessible manner.

Please see out About Us section for future information on the purpose of this website, and see our current blog posts to get you started.