Our very own Alan Clarke, Sarah Wydall and John Williams  have been awarded a major research grant of £890,000 from the Big Lottery as part of a £1.3m research project on justice and elder abuse. Congratulations!... Read more


Speaking Truths to Power by Jarrett Blaustein - forthcoming in May 2015 - presents a rigorous institutional-level analysis of the effects of globalisation on local policing using data generated from two ethnographic case studies conducted in 2011 in the transitional, post-conflict society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through a study of the structures, mentalities and practices, it situates the phenomenon of 'glocal policing' in relation to the convergence of development and security discourses following the collapse of the Soviet Union and raises important questions about the purpose and value of criminological engagement with transitional policing...   Read more‌

Richard Ireland is a brilliant advocate for the study of Welsh history, but he also opens up ideas that are not tied to one country or period. This book is a wonderful example of the richness that a fine historian can bring to the subject.' Philip Rawlings, The Roy Goode Professor of Commercial Law, Queen Mary University of London, UK
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Richard W Ireland is also our TV star. February 2015 saw an appearance by him on BBC 1’s The One Show, where he discussed the treatment and detention of “aliens” in the First and Second World Wars (although his appearance in the rather unfamiliar surroundings of a barber’s shop was perhaps the most memorable aspect). This followed a previous appearance on the show which considered the introduction of photography into the nineteenth century penal system. Richard is no stranger to the broadcast media. His contribution to C4’s Lost Buildings of Britain: Millbank Penitentiary still sometimes surfaces in repeats on digital TV. Radio credits include Radio 4’s The Long View, a series of talks on BBC Wales’s Roy Noble Show and appearances on the same station’s Past Master series.