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Current Edition - Call for papers

Volume 44, 2013: Reflections on legal issues in a diverse maritime world

Guest Editors: Dr Constantina Sampani, Department of Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University (, Mr Stephen Wrench, Course Development Manager, Lloyd's Maritime Academy & IBC Academy, Informa plc.

The importance of the maritime industry enjoys global recognition as it constitutes the life blood of the word’s economy. More than 80% of goods sold in international trade are transported by the international shipping fleet. The perpetually fluid reality of the international seaborne trade has triggered subtle and sophisticated technicalities in the legal matters raised in response to the rapidly changing markets. This edition focuses on key legal contractual and non-contractual issues emerging from interactions conducted in shipping activities and the judicial and non-judicial mechanisms of dispute resolution.  This edition aims to provide a vigorous exploration into the diverse world of the maritime industry. 

The authors of the articles in this volume should have a relevant academic or professional background.  If you have an interest in publishing in this area, please contact Dr Constantina Sampani ( directly to discuss your possible contribution and deadline for its submission (deadline for expressions of interest - August 19th 2013).


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