Past Editions

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Volume 26, 1995 

Harry Rajak Judicial control : corporations and the decline of ultra vires.
Alan Dowling The vendor's duty of care between contract and completion.
Suzanne Woollard Time to trespass?
Michael Connolly Requirements and preferences: the lonely English distinction which allows race and sex discrimination in the face of public policy
Samantha Halliday The role of patient autonomy in medical and legal approaches to HIV-antibody testing in the UK
William Hines Bibliography on British and Legal History.


Books reviewed

Brian Bix Law language and legal determinacy.
Jones & Williams (eds) Social policy, crime and punishment: essays in memory of Jane Morgan.

Carr & Williams (eds)



Volume 27, 1996 

David Hughes The effects of infrastructure development on crime in rural areas.
Patrick Polden Safety first: the selection of Metropolitan Police Magistrates 1950-1961.
Marzena Kordela & Marek Smolak HLA Hart's postscript.
Colin Harvey Modern controversies in public law scholarship.
William Hines Bibliography on British and Legal History.


Books reviewed
Lowe & Fitzmaurice (eds.) Fifty years of the International Court of Justice: essays in honour of Sir Robert Jennings.
Richardson & Genn Administrative law and Government action.
Gert Winter (ed.) European environmental law: a comparative perspective.
Woodman & Obilade (eds.) African law and legal theory.
Glyn Parry A guide to the records of the Great Sessions in Wales.
David P. Farrington (ed.) Psychological explanations of crime.
Michael Jones Medical Negligence.
University of Manitoba Mosaic - Adversaria, literature and law.


Volume 28, 1997 

Clifford Hall Aggiornamento' : reflections upon the contemporary legal concept of religion.
Laurence Koffman Key findings from the Aberystwyth crime survey.
Fiona Palmer European sanctions and enforcement: European law meets the individual.
Elspeth Deards The Treaty of Amsterdam: a sheep in wolf's clothing?
Barry Hough A re-examination for the case for a locus standi rule in public law.
Arwel Jones Aspects of the law of lender liability.
William Hines Bibliography of British and Legal History.


Books reviewed
Donald R. Rothwell The Polar Regions and the development of international law.
A.M. Tettenborn Law of restitution in England and Ireland (2nd ed.).
Damein Geradin Trade and the environment, a comparative study of EC and US law.


Volume 29, 1998 

Lorna Fox Co-owners, not owners.
Jon Davies Aspects of Nineteenth Century legal literature.
Michael Yong Haron Revisiting section 7(3) of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.
Tom Holdych Warranties and conditions in the sale of goods.
Patrick Polden The strange death of County Court nonsuit.
Paul Ramshaw Ethical investment: retail ethics and participatory democracy.
Jacqueline Woolam Bibliography on British and Legal History.


Books reviewed
Eakalaar & Thandabantu (eds.) The changing family, family forms and family law.
Neil, Devins & Davidson, Douglas (eds.) Redefining equality.
Baruch A. Brody The Ethics of Biomedical Research.
Gardiner, Felix, James Welsh & O'Leary Sports Law.
Gary A. Uberstine (ed.) Law of professional and amateur sports.


Volume 30, 1999 

Teresa Sutton The nature of the early law of Deodand.
George Mousourakis Emotion, choice and the rationale of the Provocation Defence.
David McArdle Judicial Review, 'Public Authorities' and the disciplinary powers of sports organisations.
Sarah Watkins The Common Law Derivative Action: an outmoded relic?
David Lambert The Government of Wales Act - an Act for laws to be ministered in Wales in like form as it is in this Realm?
Catrin Fflur Huws The implications of the mediation provisions of the Family Law Act 1996 in North Wales.


Books reviewed
D. Longley & R. James Administrative justice, central issues in UK and European administrative law.
David Taylor Crime, policing and punishment in England 1750-1914.
 D. Philips & R.D. Storch Policing provincial England 1829-1856.
David Elder The law of privacy.
James Allan Making jurisprudence seriously enjoyable.
Danesh Sarooshi The UN and the development of collective security.


Volume 31, 2000

Richard A. Edwards Republican Britain - the constitutional implications.
Kenneth K. Mwenda Obligations of shareholders to pay up for their shares.
Jacqueline Woolam Bibliography on British and Legal History.
Sir David Williams Wales, the law and the constitution. Inaugural Lecture of the Centre for Welsh Legal Affairs.
Ann Sherlock Born free, but everywhere else in chains? A legal analysis of the first year of the National assembly for Wales.
Alison Rees & Philip Thomas Welsh law schools and tomorrow's lawyers.
Jacqueline Woolam Bibliography on  Devolution and new legislative bodies in the UK since 1997


Books reviewed
Mark Bovens The quest for responsibility.
Peter B Ainsworth Psychology and crime.
J.W.F. Allison A continental distinction in the Common La


Volume 32, 2001 

John Kruse Distress in Welsh laws
Neil KibbleT The relevance and admissibility of prior sexual history with the defendant in sexual offences cases.
Ian Rennie Philosophical influences at the International Court of Justice as demonstrated by the Lockerbie case.
Sir Stephen Richards The court system in Wales: challenge and change.
Jacqueline Woolam Bibliography on British and Legal History.  Bibliography on devolution and new legislative bodies in the UK.


Books reviewed
K.D. Ewing & C.A. Gearty The struggle for civil liberties: political freedom and the rule of law in Britain 1914-1945.
Clive Emsley Gendames and the state in Nineteenth Century Europe.
M. Gaskill Crime and mentalities in early modern England.
P.A.J. Waddington Policing citizens - authority and rights.
L. Johnston Policing Britain - risk, security and governance.


Volume 33, 2002 (special hardback issue)

Legal Cultures, Legal Doctrines - A collection of papers from the 15th British Legal History Conference held in Aberystwyth, July 2001

Guest Editor: Richard Ireland


Sally Hadden New directions in the study of legal cultures.
Richard A. Cosgrove The culture of academic legal history: Lawyers' History and Historians'  Law 1870-1930.
Ann Lyon From Dafydd ap Gruffydd to Lord Haw-Haw: the concept of allegiance in the law of Treason.
Jonathan Rose Early occupational defamation and disloyal lawyers: "He is ambodexter. there cannot be a great slander".
Neil Jones The use upon a use in Equity.
John Adams "Brought to account": Adley v The Whitstable Oyster Company.
Jacqueline Woolam Bibliography on British and Legal History.


Volume 34, 2003 (special hardback issue)

A Serious Undertaking - Essays prompted by the entry of the Law Department at Aberystwyth into its Second Century.

John Andrews A century of legal education.
Richard W. Ireland John Austin, H.L.A. Hart ... Oh, and W. Jethro Brown!
Melanie Williams John Van Druten - a lawyer drawn to fame: from 'Aber Bay' to Cabaret.
Christopher Harding Looking through Llewelfryn Davies' eyes: a turn of the century retrospective of international law in the Twentieth Century.
John Williams When I'm sixty-four: lawyers, law and 'old age'.
Jackie Woollam Devolution and the new legislative bodies in the UK 2001-2003.
Appendix Alphabetical list of academic staff in the Aberystwyth Law Department from 1901-2003


Volume 35, 2004

The Crime Complex and the Reorientation of Justice

Guest Editors: Shane Kilcommings and Dr Barry Vaughan 

Gordon Hughes Straddling Adaptation and Denial: Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships in England and Wales
Lesley McAra The Cultural and Institutional Dynamics of Transformation: Youth Justice In Scotland And England And Wales
Shane Kilcommings and Barry Vaughan A Perpetual State of Emergency: Subverting the Rule of Law in Ireland
John LeaHitting Criminals Where it Hurts: Organised Crime and the Erosion of Due Process
Clare D Dwyer The ‘Complex’ity of Imprisonment -The Northern Ireland Experience
Mike Nellis “Into the Field of Corrections”: the end of English probation in the early 21st century?


Books reviewed
J.M Beattie Policing and punishment
R Bartle Bow Street Beak


Volume 36, 2005

International and Comparative Perspectives on Employment Law

Guest Editor: Dr David McArdle, University of Stirling.

Simon Honeyball The Conceptual Integrity of Employment.
Nicole Busby & David Christie The Regulation of Temporary Agency Work in the European Union.
Roger Welch & Steve Williams The Information & Consultation Regulations – Much Ado About Nothing?
David McArdle & Susan Galashan Consideration of ‘Substantial’ and ‘Impairment’ under the Disability Discrimination Laws of the UK and the US.
Nicola Smit & Steve Cornelius South African Perspectives on HIV/Aids in the Workplace.

Bibliography on British and Irish Legal History 

Books reviewed
Anne Lawson & Caroline Gooding (eds.) Disability Rights in Europe from Theory to Practice.
Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter Gender Injustice: An International Comparative Analysis of Equality In Employment.
Anna-Maria Marshall Confronting Sexual Harassment: the law and politics of everyday life.
Neil Duxbury Frederick Pollock and the English Juristic Tradition.
Malcolm Clarke Policies and Perceptions of Insurance Law in the Twenty First Century.
W. Mansell, B. Meteyard and A. Thomson A Critical Introduction to Law.
W. Grubb Patents for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Fundamentals of Global Law, Practice and Strategy (4th Edition).
Roger J. Smith Plural Ownership.
Cass R. Sunstein Laws of Fear: Beyond the Precautionary Principle.
Philip Alston (ed.) Non-State Actors and Human Rights


Volume 37, 2006  

The Possibility of African Legal Theory

Guest Editor: Nkiruka Ahiauzu, Department of Law and Criminology, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

William Idowu African Jurisprudence and The Reconciliatory Theory of Law
Nkiruka Ahaiuza Ubuntu and the Obligation to Obey the Law
Fidelis Okafor From Praxis to Theory: a Discourse on the Philosophy of African Law
John Ayotunde Isola Bewaji Human Rights: a Philosophical Analysis of Yoruba Conceptions
J.C.A Agbakoabo & E.S Nwauche African Conceptions of Justice, Responsibility and Punishment
Oladele Abiodun A Jurisprudential Analysis of Yoruba Proverbs
Balogun Abdulmumini A. Oba The Administration of Customary Law in a Post-Colonial Nigerian State


Books Reviewed
Rachel Murray Human Rights in Africa: from the OAU to the African Union
Okon Akiba (ed.) Constitutionalism and Society in Africa
T.C Jaja Access to Justice in Sharia Courts
INTERIGHTS’ Bulletin A Human Rights Court for Africa
Helen Duffy The “War on Terror” and the Framework of International Law
James C. Hathway The Rights Of Refugees Under International Law
Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto Battling Terrorism
Phillip Alston & Mary Robinson (eds.) Human Rights and Development
Seamus Miller & John Blackler Ethical Issues in Policing
Mangai Natarajan Women Police
Michael H. Frost Introduction to Classical Legal Rhetoric: a Lost Heritage
A.P. Simester (ed.) Appraising Strict Liability
Jose E. Alvarez International Organizations as Law-Makers
Anthony Aust Handbook of International Law
Wendy Chan, Dorothy E Chunn & Robert Menzies (eds.) Women, Madness and the Law
B. Hansjurgens (ed.) Emission Trading for Climate Policy
James Gordlev Foundations of Private Law


Volume 38, 2007

Minority languages and the law

Guest Editors: Ann Sherlock and Catrin Fflur Huws, Department of Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University 

Helena Ní Ghearáin Yr Iaith Wyddeleg a'r Gyfraith: rhai materion o ran statws a chorpws (paper originally delivered in English)
Robert Dunbar

The Irish language and the Law: some status and corpus issues
Yr alban: deddfwriaeth iaith ar gyfer yr Aeleg (paper originally delivered in English)
Scotland: language legislation for Gaelic

Keith Bush

Deddfu yn y Gymraeg: ail-gydio mewn hen ymgom (paper originally delivered in Welsh)
Legislating in Welsh: resuming an old conversation

Gwyn Griffiths Her deddfu'n ddwyieithog (paper originally delivered in English)
The challenge of legislating bilingually
Catrin Fflur Huws Iaith y nefoedd ac iaith y llysoedd (paper originally delivered in Welsh)
The language of heaven and the language of the courts
Mr Justice Roderick Evans Rheithgorau Dwyieithog? (paper originally delivered in English)
Bilingual juries?
Jacqueline Woollam Bibliography on devolution and new legislative bodies in the UK


Books Reviewed
T. Watkin The Legal History of Wales
John N. Drobak (ed.) Norms and the Law
C. Seville. The Internationalisation of Copyright Law: Books, Buccaneers and the Black Flag in the Nineteenth Century.
Valerie P. Hans (ed.) The Jury System: Contemporary scholarship
P. O'Malley Risk, Uncertainty and Government
J.W. Soek The strict liability principles and the human rights of athletes in doping cases
Robert C.R Siekmann and J Soek (eds.) The Council of Europe and Sport. Basic Documents
J Gordley & A.T. von Mehren An introduction to the Comparative Study of Private Law. Readings, Cases, Materials
K. Arts and V. Popovski. International Criminal Accountability and the Rights of Children
G, Nesi (ed.) International cooperation in counter-terrorism: the United Nations and Regional Organizations in the fight against terrorism


Essays Reviewed
A. OSarat The Death Pernalty: Influences and Outcomes; capital Punishment: the actors in the process; and J. Schneider & N. Tilley. Gangs
J. Klabbers International Organizations; P. Schiff Berman. The Globalization of International law: and Theodor Meron. The Humanization of International Law
J. Beatson & R. Zimmermann. Jurists Uprooted: German-speaking Emigre Lawyers in Twentieth-century Britain.


Volume 39, 2008

Five Perspectives on Omissions Liability

Guest Editors: Gavin Dingwall and Prof Alisdair A. Gillespie, De Montfort University, Leicester

Neil Cobb Compulsory Care-Giving: some Thoughts on Relational Feminism, the Ethics of Care And Omissions Liability
Gavin Dingwall, Alisdair A. Gillespie Reconsidering the Good Samaritan: a Duty to Rescue?
Tracey Elliott, David Ormerod Acts and Omissions – a Distinction Without a Defence?
Robert Sullivan Conduct and Complicity: Liability Based on Omission and Risk
Glenys Williams Acts and Omissions in Treatment Withdrawal: Conceptual Problems and Policy Decisions


Books Reviewed
P Becker & R F Wetzell (eds.) Criminals and their Scientists: the History of Criminology in International  Perspective
Alastair Bellany The Politics of Court Scandal in Early Modern England: News Culture and the  Overbury Affair 1603-1660
Yifat Holzman-Gazit Land Expropriation in Israel
David Kennedy Of Law and War
Obiora Chinedu Okafor The African Human Rights System activist forces and international Institutions
Julia Sloth-Nielsen (ed) Children’s Rights in Africa, A Legal Perspective
Alexandra Xanthaki Indigenous Rights and United Nations Standards
Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo The Pillars of Global Law
D Armstrong, T Farrell & H. Lambert International Law and International Relations
B A Simmons & R H Steinberg (eds) International Law and International Relations

Devolution and the New Legislative Bodies in the UK 2007-2008

A bibliography compiled by Jacqueline Woollam


Volume 40, 2009

Sport and Human Rights

Guest Editor: Dr David McArdle, University of Stirling

Peter T.M. Coenen Rulings from the Ivory Tower - Player Discipline under the NFL Personal Conduct Policy
P. David Howe

An Accessible World Stage: Human Rights, Integration and the Para-Athletic program in Canada

Mary A. Hums, Anita M. Moorman & Eli A. Wolff Emerging Disability Rights in Sport: Sport as a Human Right for Persons with Disabilities and the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
David McArdle Elite Athletes and Disability Discrimination
Adam Pendlebury & John McGarry Location, Location, Location: The Whereabouts Rule and the Right to Privacy
Yvonne Williams "Human Rights" v "Human Responsibilities": Striking a Balance Between the Rights of Child Athletes and the resulting Responsibilities of Volunteers in Sport 


Books Reviewed
I. Hare & J. Weinstein (eds) Extreme Speech and Democracy
H. Hartley Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law
H. Kaptein, H. Prakken, & B. Verheij (eds) Legal Evidence and Proof: Statistics, Stories, Logic 
R. Loeber, N.W. Slot, P. van der Laan, M. Hoeve (eds) Tomorrow's Criminals: The Development of Child Delinquency and Effective Interventions

 Review Essay

A. Perreau-Saussine & J.B. Murphy (eds) The Nature of Customary Law

Bibliography on British and Irish Legal History, compiled by Jacqueline Woollam


Volume 41, 2010

Psychology and Law

Guest Editors: Dr Gareth Norris, Department of Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University, and Zoe Walkington, Sheffield Hallam University

Adam Wilson Outside Normality: The Admission of Expert Psychological Testimony
Dave Walsh & Ray Bull

Know Your Rights? A Study Concerning Fraud Investigators' Approaches to Informing Suspects of their Rights and Ensuring that they are Understood and Observed

Gareth Norris & Wayne Petherick Criminal Profiling in the Courtroom: Behavioural Investigative Advice or Bad Character Evidence?
Zoe Walkington & Stefanie A. Wigman Ambiguous Criminal Incidents and Legal Scripts
John Williams & Eric Y. Drogan A Comparison of North American and British Codes of Ethics For Psychologists


Books Reviewed
J. Lenoble & M. Maesschalck Democracy, Law and Governance
J.V. Orth Reappraisals in the Law of Property
S. Mason (ed) Electronic Evidence 
Roberto Bellelli (ed) International Criminal Justice: Law and Practice from the Rome Statute to Its Review
Mary Bosworth & Carolyn Hoyle (ed) What is Criminology?

 Bibliography on British and Irish Legal History, compiled by Samuel Nikoi 


Volume 42, 2011

The Cultural Rights Imperative

Guest Editors: Shea Esterling, Aberystwyth University, Dr. Richard Caddell, Swansea University

Kevin Aquilina From The Neolithic Temples to the City of Valletta: The Interpretation of Maltese Cultural Heritage Law Terminology within an International and European Perspective

Marja van Heese

The Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention in the Netherlands, a Legal and Practical Approach

Charlotte Woodhead

Interference with Property Rights based on Cultural Heritage Principles

Nicholas Drake

Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Trade Marks and Intellectual Property Law Reform in New Zealand: Aspects of the Trade Marks Act 2002

 Thalia Anthony

Moral Panics and Misgivings over Indigenous Punishment: Sentencing Cultural Crimes in Australia's Northern Territory

 Federica Prina

Localism or Centralism? Education Reform in Russia and its Impact on the Rights of National Minorities
Chris Davies & Kate Galloway

Cultural Heritage and the Ritual of Burial


 Caycie D. Bradford The Contraction of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act: The Free Exercise of Religion is Not So Free Anymore


Books Reviewed
 D. J. Baker The Right Not to be Criminalized: Demarcating Criminal Law’s Authority
 O. Ben-Naftali (ed.) International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law XIX:1
 T. Campbell, K.D. Ewing, & A. Tomkins (eds.) The Legal Protection of Human Rights: Sceptical Essays
E.Y. Drogin, F.M. Dattilio, R.L. Sadoff and T.G. Gutheil (eds.) Handbook of Forensic Assessment: Psychological and Psychiatric Perspectives
R.P. Molloy & M. Diamond (eds.) The Public Nature of Private Property

Bibliography on Devolution and the New Legislative Bodies in the UK 2010- 2011, compiled by Samuel Nikoi 


Volume 43, 2012

Being Before the Law: Radical Thought and Justice in the Age of Technology

Dr. Anél Boshoff, Department of Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University

 Anél Boshoff

A Feminist Struggle for Non-violence

 Claudine Young

Authenticity, Nihilism and the Feminine in Existentialist Criminology

 Louis E. Wolcher

Cultural Diversity and Universal Human Rights

 Nathan Gibbs

Neo-Roman Republicanism and Modern Constitutionalism

 Zia Akhtar

Faith, Liberal Education and Legal Protections

Bibliography on British and Irish Legal History, compiled by Samuel Nikoi