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What our Distance Learning students say...

Simeon Jones, Environmental and Management Law

I found the Environmental Law masters course at Aberystwyth gave me a different perspective on environmental matters. The course covers a wide range of subject matter and certainly isn't just about the law - it also points to how we could begin to think about solving some of our most pressing environmental issues.

Matt Galvin, Environmental and Management Law

Having recently completed the dissertation, its a good perspective from which to look back over the last 5 years. I started the LLM in 2007 with some trepidation; holding down a full-time job, having two small children and living 150 miles away. The electronic learning resources are however very well-designed for the distance learner and over the years, IT, administrative and academic support has been easy to access. The main success factor for me was the University's flexibility in accommodating my requests for additional time to complete a few of the modules in response to busy work periods; this was invaluable to my ability to complete Part I. If I were asked for one piece of advice to LLM prospective candidates in full time work, it woud be this: the resources and support are well designed and readily available, make sure however you work out how to accommodate the time commitments for the course into each working month; use a programme for each module and don't rely solely on evenings; the working day has its impact on your ability to think. Get organised and good luck!

Gudrun Gaudian - Marine Ecologist
Alne, North Yorkshire

"After many years working in the coastal zones of the tropics and polar regions I have had to change tack and become more sessile, due to family demand. The deep urge 'to make the world a better place' has not been smothered by domesticity, and, following an article in The Independent newspaper on distance learning courses, I decided to expand my knowledge base into environmental law. I am hoping to combine my extensive technical scientific background in ecology with the relevant knowledge of environmental law and so help stem the onslaught of human greed and consumption on our planet. Excitingly, I have already been able to use my newly gained understanding in successful 'battles' with the local planning authorities and local apathy.

The LLM distance learning course has completely met my expectations, if not exceeded them, in that it is allowing me greater time-flexibility than I had anticipated. Although my dearest wish is to be a full time student, utterly immersed in this fascinating subject matter, my daily life with many other commitments does not allow this luxury, and I have to snatch time to study whenever I can."

Nasr Abuzaid - Head of Legal Department, The Royal Group for Management of Companies LLC
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"My name is Nasr Mohammed Abuzaid, Sudanese national. I am the Head of Legal Department of a major Group of companies in Abu Dhabi. I am LLM (Master) in international business law at Aberystwyth (through distance learning). I am very satisfied with the program and the cooperation of the people in charge. The study materials are available on line and some are mailed in due course to the doorsteps of my flat in Abu Dhabi. For someone (like myself) who is very busy, the programs is designed to be flexible and suiting my life and work demands. Before I decided joining Aber, I did my searches and researches on various other options from different UK and US universities."

Giuseppe Boscherini - Director, Freehand Projects
Milton, South Oxfordshire

"I have always thought of Architecture as a broad profession and an all embracing discipline. Its multiple facets are what attracted me to the profession in the first place. Indeed I have been working as an Architect on a variety of projects in different countries and for diverse clients, treating each case as an opportunity to gain new insight into a unique context be it financial, human or physical.

In doing so, I have become more aware and exposed to the pressures bearing on our environment and their implication on our planning for the future. I have come to the conclusion that regulations and law making are and will be the key and backbone to our ability as a society to adopt and implement effective policies on environmental matters.

I believe that it is important for Architects who contribute to the business of physically shaping the built environment, to understand, support and ultimately affect the creation of an effective legal framework tackling environmental issues.