14.8 Complaints against non-academic departments

1. In the case of a complaint against a non-academic Department the Head/Director of Department is the person accountable to the Officers listed below for the running of that Department.  For example, the Director of the International Office (Head/Director of Department) is accountable to the Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience and International (Officer).

2. Any reference to the Institute Director is to be read as references to the Officers listed below.  For example, if the complaint is related to Campus Services and could not be investigated by the Director of Campus Services, it would be referred to the Pro Vice-Chancellor Chief Operating Officer.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience and International

(i) Academic Quality & Records Office
(ii) International Office
(iii) Marketing & Student Recruitment       

Pro Vice-Chancellor Chief Operating Officer

(i) Campus Services
(ii) Communications and Public Affairs
(iii) Estates Development
(iv) Health, Safety & Environment
(v) Human Resources
(vi) Information Services
(vii) Planning, Business & Governance
(viii) Student Support Services

Pro Vice-Chancellor Research

(i) Research Business and Innovation

Pro Vice-Chancellor Welsh Language and Culture and External Engagement

(i) Development & Alumni Relations Office
(ii) Welsh Language Services

Institute Director of Arts and Humanities

(i) Arts Centre
(ii) International English Centre
(iii) University Music Centre

Institute Director of Professional Development

(i) Careers Service
(ii) Centre for Widening Participation, Equality & Social Inclusion
(iii) Graduate School
(iv) Lifelong Learning
(v) Welsh for Adults

Director of Finance

(i) Finance Office
(ii) Income Services

Director of Information Services

(i) All sections of Information Services

Director of Campus Services

(i) All Resident Assistants in Halls
(ii) Sports Centre