4.6 Ordinary Bachelor’s Degree

1. The Ordinary Bachelor’s Degree may be awarded as an unclassified exit qualification to undergraduate students who successfully acquire the credits detailed below but have not acquired the credits necessary for the award of a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours. The available exit qualification for candidates in the final year of an Integrated Master’s degree is the Bachelor’s Degree with Honours.

2. To qualify for an Ordinary Degree students must have:

             (i) Successfully acquired 120 credits, according to the conventions which normally govern completion of Part One of degree and Foundation Degree schemes;

             (ii) Pursued at least 300 credits overall, with a minimum of 60 credits at Level Three or above;

             (iii) Obtained passes at 40% in at least 160 credits over Part Two as a whole (excluding Level S modules).

3. Suitably qualified students may be granted exemption from up to 120 credits at Level One via arrangements for Credit Accumulation and Transfer.

4. Students who temporarily withdraw with the intention of returning to their studies at a later date will not be eligible for the award of the Ordinary Degree at the time of their withdrawal.

5. The Ordinary Degree is a fall-back qualification for Bachelor’s and Integrated Master’s schemes and is not advertised to potential entrants. It may not be awarded as a qualification in its own right to students who have successfully completed schemes of study approved by the University.