4.7 Degree Schemes with Level 0 (Year One) Modules, e.g. BSc Computer Science (including Foundation Year); BSc Physics Four Year Scheme, etc.


1. If students pursue Level 0 (Year One) modules as part of their degree they will pass if they satisfy all the following conditions in their Level 0 (Year One) module assessments:

(i) passes at 40% or more in 100 credits’ worth of modules


(ii) an overall weighted average of at least 40%.

2. Part One students are normally allowed up to three resit opportunities. However, they must have passed at least 60 credits to be allowed to take assessments in August. If students have fewer than 60 passed credits they will be required to repeat their first year.

3. Students will not be allowed to enter Year Two (Level One Modules) until they have satisfied all the above conditions (i.e. they will not be allowed to retake failed Level 0 modules whilst studying in Year Two).

4. To progress beyond Year Two students must meet the same requirements as laid out under Pages 1 and 2 above.