11.4 Enquiries

Most enquiries are now made via e-mail to either the pg-admissions@aber.ac.uk or the pg-overseas@aber.ac.uk accounts. We will endeavour to respond to these e-mails promptly but responses will be slower around peak periods (e.g. CAS deadlines, scholarship deadlines, registration week, ….) and periods when staff are unavailable due to annual leave, ill-health or other work commitments.

The Marketing & Student Recruitment generally send out prospectuses in response to enquiries by telephone, on-line requests and e-mail. 

We do not have a dedicated postgraduate channel on social media. Our telephones/PCs and enabled to for answer-phone messages for phone calls received out of office hours.

Enquiries relating to course content, reading lists etc. are forwarded to departmental selectors who are better able to respond. This element is key to the conversion of enquirers to applicants to students. Either the Director of Research or potential supervisor should deal with more specific enquiries relating to research projects and proposals.