1.3 Academic Committees

1.  In accordance with Aberystwyth University’s Supplementary Royal Charter the Senate is ‘the academic authority of the University and shall be responsible to the Council for the academic functions of the University in teaching and research and the regulation of the academic interests of the students’. The Senate’s constitution, powers and functions are provided by Ordinances. Further details on the Senate’s responsibilities, membership and decisions can be found on the relevant sub-pages.

2.  Academic Board is responsible for Part B of the UK Quality Code: Assuring and Enhancing Academic Quality and reports to Senate on all academic matters. Its membership includes Institute and Students’ Union representation, and the heads of relevant support departments. Responsibility for specific chapters of Part B of the Code is devolved by Academic Board to its sub-committees. The terms of reference and membership of Senate, Academic Board, and sub-committees of Academic Board are published online, together with a chart of academic committee structures and are available here. Staff at Aberystwyth can also access terms of reference, templates for minutes and committee papers, and details of committee meetings for Academic Board and its sub-committees through AQRO webpages.