1.4 University Officers with responsibility for Quality Assurance

1.  The Vice-Chancellor is the chief academic and administrative officer of the University with responsibility for its overall performance, and is the Chair of Senate.

2.  The four Pro Vice-Chancellors are key members of the University Executive and report to the Vice-Chancellor on their specific areas of responsibility as follows:

  • Ms Rebecca Davies, Chief Operating Officer
  • Professor John Grattan, Student Experience and International
  • Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan, Welsh Language and Culture and External Engagement
  • Professor Chris Thomas, Research

3.  Responsibility for the conduct of an Institute is vested in the Director of Institute, who is accountable to Council, via the Vice-Chancellor. Institutes facilitate the organisation and academic work of the University. For academic and administrative purposes, they may be sub-divided into groups known as Schools/Departments. Each Department/School within an Institute has a Head with designated roles and responsibilities, which may include oversight of academic programmes and structures. The Institute Director is supported by an Institute Manager and advised by an Executive Committee, which includes staff with responsibility for key areas such as Learning and Teaching and Quality Assurance and Enhancement. All Institutes are required to have a Learning and Teaching Committee. This is set out in University Ordinances and Regulations.

4.  The Head of the Graduate School is responsible for the provision of Researcher Development training within the University as a whole, and also has a co-ordinating role in the development of policy on postgraduate matters, the provision of facilities for postgraduates, and for monitoring the recruitment and academic progress of postgraduate students. The Head of the Graduate School also approves nominations for External Examiners on research degrees.

5.  A number of senior Academic Quality and Records Office (AQRO) staff are involved in the operation of Quality Assurance procedures reporting to the Director, Academic Quality and Records. AQRO also provides support for at Institute level through designated quality assurance contacts.