Undergraduate Issues



Student semester one results will be posted to your “Student Record” for you to access, and print a copy if you wish.  Paper copies will not be circulated to you. Results will be available as follows:

PART ONE (Year one):   Thursday 22 February

PART TWO (Years 2 and above), VISITING AND EXCHANGE STUDENTS:   Thursday 1 March

Please check your Semester two module choices and request any changes through the Change of Registration’ process on your ‘Student Record’.

 You should visit your ‘Student Record’ often to make sure it is accurate and up to date. It is also important that you check your University student email account regularly as this is often our primary way of contacting you.

     It is essential you act upon any correspondence sent to you regarding your performance following confirmation of your semester one results.  Failure to do so might lead to problems for you later in the session.

Further information for Undergraduate Students