Summer Resit Assessments

The Summer Resit Assessments will be held

20 August to 30 August 2018

Students with an R, M, P, H, S, F, A and T resit indicator are eligible to resit in the Summer Resit Assessment period in August (according to the rules set out in the Examination Conventions), however in order to do so you MUST register first.  You can do this via Your Record on-line during late June early July.  The Summer Resit Assessment Registration facility will be available to students from the day the semester two results are published for two weeks only.  See here for how to register.

If, after registering to resit a module, you decide not to resit,  for whatever reason, including if your department has advised against you resitting it, you MUST withdraw from it by informing the Academic Quality and Records Office by the 5 August at the very latest.  Failure to withdraw from a resit, even if you do not turn up for the examination, or hand in your written assessment for the module in which you are registered will mean that you will still be liable for the resit fee and your record will show that you resat and failed. Note that the highest mark obtained in the module will still be counted towards your degree.

In order to withdraw you must email the Academic Quality and Records Office with your student details and the code of the module(s) you wish to be de-registered from.

The Rules for Progression and Resits are available online in the Examinations Conventions or in the Students' Examination Handbook (available as a link from the Undergraduate Issues web page, under the Examination and Assessments Information heading). Failure to register for a compulsory resit and satisfy the progression rules will mean that you will not be allowed to enter the next year of your course i.e. you will NOT be allowed to retake failed Part 1 modules while studying in Part 2.

Students who are taking resits and DO NOT have a resit indicator of H, M or S are required to pay a resit fee.  Candidates allowed to resit on medical, compassionate or other special grounds have their resit fees waived.  The Student Finance Office will invoice you directly for any resit charges owing.

For further information;

If you have any queries regarding your resit registration please contact the Academic Quality and Records Office on or telephone 01970 628515 or 622787, Fax 01970 622921.

A timetable, together with details of hostel accommodation will be available online in the first week of August.

If you have any queries regarding the timetable, please contact the Timetable Office, Information Services, Hugh Owen Building, Telephone 01970 628771, Email

The Examination Timetables are available here