Miss Miranda Whall

BA (Wales) PG Cert (RA School, London)

Miss Miranda Whall


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Miranda Whall is the director of Creative Arts and lecturer in Creative Arts, fine art, film and media. She came to Aberystwyth in 2006 after working as a freelance artist and teaching at various universities in Fine Art. She studied at UWIC, Cardiff, Emily Carr, Vancouver, Royal Academy Schools, London and Goldsmiths University London. She is a practicing and exhibiting international artist. She was recently awarded the Arts Council Major Creative Arts Award for her project Passage; a multi platform, multi screen installation premiered at ICIA, Bath University 2015.


Module Coordinator
Additional Lecturer


Film and digital arts; sound, image, text, performance, multi screen installation, mixed media, drawing and animation.


Passage: A multi – platform project; blog, publication, performance/lecture and a video and audio multi screen surround sound installation.Whall, M. 2015
LUMINOUS LANGUAGE: group exhibition at Launch F18, New YorkWhall, M. J. 2013
All Your Women Things: works on paper group exhibitionWhall, M. J. 2012
WARNING, The WARNING Art Gallery, Crescent Arts Centre, BelfastWhall, M. J. 2012
The Men Don’t Give a Fuck, Motorcade/FlashParade, BristolWhall, M. J. 2012
DrawingMMX2/Surface Language, Howard Gardens Gallery, CardiffWhall, M. J. 2012
THE FUTURE CAN WAIT presents: Polemically Small Curated by Zavier Ellis, Edward Lucie-Smith, Max Presneill & Simon Rumley Torrance Art Museum, California, USAWhall, M. 2011
Ffilm 2Whall, M. 2011
Is it OK If?Whall, M., Becker, P., Meyrick, R. & Ropek, E. (ed.) 2010 Prifysgol Aberystwyth | Aberystwyth University.
We Have the Mirrors, We have the PlansWhall, M. 2010
Papyrophilia, works on paperWhall, M. 2010
'Ladybirds' watercolour (animation) and 'Marine Dialogues, Dialogue with Sea Gooseberries: Is it ok if?' (video)Whall, M. 2010
'Marine Dialogues'Whall, M. 2010
Is it OK If?Whall, M. & Ropek, E. 2010
The Future can WaitWhall, M. J. 2009
'Ladybirds', 'Simon and I', 'Samuel and I' watercolour animations 2005 - 06Whall, M. 2009
'Ladybirds' watercolour (animation) and 'Marine Dialogues, Dialogue with Sea Gooseberries: Is it ok if?' (video)Whall, M. 2009
'Mother/Fucker'Whall, M. 2009
'Three Finches and Me' pencil drawing 30 x 30cmWhall, M. 2009
RotateWhall, M. J. 2008
The Golden Record: Sounds of EarthWhall, M. J. 2008
Digital Lace DrawingsWhall, M. 2008 Textile; The Journal of Cloth and Culture. Harper, C. & Ross, D. (eds.). Bloomsbury Publishing, p. 112-12514 p.
'Three finches and Me'Whall, M. 2008
Future 50Whall, M. J. 2008
DrawingsWhall, M. J. 2008
'Ladybirds', 'Simon and I' and 'Samuel and I' watercolour animations 2005 - 06Whall, M. 2005
Ladybirds (watercolour animation, 2005)Whall, M. J. 2005
Simon and I; Samuel and IWhall, M. J. 2005
Fertility Work: Peakdays (photographs, 2004), Looking for Egg Whites (digital collages, 2004), S.C.A.T. Test and The 11th Day (videos, 2004)Whall, M. J. 2004
East Wing Collection VIII, On TimeWhall, M. J. 2004
Lace Drawings: The Garden of Delights (2002), Paradise Place (2003), Softly Softly (2003), Sue Lawley (2004), and Sue Lawley Moving (2004)Whall, M. J. 2004