Mr Philip John Garratt

BA (Wolverhampton) MPhil (Wales)

Mr Philip John Garratt

Lifelong Learning Teacher - Art & Design

Senior Technician and Assistant Curator

Teacher (School of Art)

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Phil has been working full-time at the School of Art since 2000. Originally from Leicester, he took a Foundation Course at Loughborough College of Art and Design before studying for a BA in Fine Art at both Stourbridge College of Technology and Art and Wolverhampton University. In 1993 he arrived in Aberystwyth to study both Geography and Art History and quickly moved on to an MPhil in Art History. His thesis was on the 'Welsh Primitive' - an anonymous, amateur artist who recorded scenes of mid-nineteenth century Wales in an idiosyncratic, na?ve style. Phil has been teaching his popular lifelong-learning art history modules at the School of Art since 2005. He is a keen print collector and an occasional printmaker.

Additional Information

Technical and administrative support for student projects, exhibitions and the School of Art Museum collections

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Exhibitions Coordinator

Tutor (Art History)

Disability Coordinator

Equality Champion

Health and Safety Representative

Lectures, seminars, tutorials and assessment for community art history modules at the School of Art on behalf of the School of Education and Lifelong Learning:

XA06010 Looking at Art

XA10110 Images with a Strong Message

XA10310 Now, I Like That!: The Influence of the Art Critic

XA15110 History of Printmaking

[pending] Making Pictures: the Tricks of the Trade

Research Area

History of Printmaking

Art in Wales