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Title of the Month: Cyfres Jac a Jes

A very effective combination of four lively storybooks and four books that begin as stories, but then develop into factual books full of interesting information. The fictional books follow Jac and Jes on their adventures in the hidden cave or in the forest, whilst in the factual books they learn about topics such as the red kite or batik.

The series is aimed at children aged 7-9 years old who are learning Welsh as a second language. There is effective repetition of sentence patterns and vocabulary, which is essential for learners, and a natural development can be seen from the use of present-tense verb into the past-tense.

The books are colourful and the illustrations are appealing and very appropriate for the age group. The books are lively enough, with plenty of variation, but are also challenging enough to appeal to more confident readers.

I am certain that this series will give pleasure and enjoyment, but will also be a brilliant incentive in encouraging pupils to discuss the contents.

-- Bethan Davies, Head of Ysgol Comins Coch, near Aberystwyth


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