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Review: Wynne Evans – o Gaerfyrddin i Go Compare by Elin Meek

Wynne Evans – o Gaerfyrddin i Go Compare is part of a series of booklets commissioned by the National Welsh Teaching Centre for Welsh as an additional learning resource for Welsh learners. It is aimed at learners who follow courses at Entry Level in the National Qualifications Framework ( CQFW).

The booklet (48 pp.) is the honest, entertaining and compelling account of the singer from south Wales who has become well known throughout the UK thanks to the popular television adverts for the Go Compare financial comparison services website. The booklet was written by someone who has many years experience in teaching Welsh as a tutor, examiner and as a course writer himself.

The vocabulary and language patterns used are relevant and structured, and a short list of new vocabulary can be found at the bottom of each page. In addition all these words reappear in a small dictionary as an addendum at the end of the booklet.

Wynne Evans’ story is sufficiently gripping to sustain the reader’s interest throughout, while, at the same time, constant repetition ensures that learners at all levels, familiarize themselves subconciously with relevant vocabulary and basic language patterns.

All of this means that Wynne Evans – from Carmarthen to Go Compare, together with the other books that are part of the same series, is a very useful learning resource for Welsh learners.

Phyl Brake

Phyl Brake works as a Teach Welsh coordinator at Aberystwyth University, and has published several books on different aspects of learning Welsh.

You can purchase a copy of "Wynne Evans - O Gaerfyrddin i Go Compare" through following the attached link.


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