Bin the Bin!

‌‌An exciting new initiative is being rolled out across the University which will improve the way you dispose of your general waste. Currently, a member of the Campus Services cleaning team visits each desk on a daily basis to empty waste bins, with the result that the majority of waste goes to landfill.

Since August 2015, as part of an approved University Sustainability Initiative, Campus Services have been running a new ‘Bin the Bin’ campaign. This involves centralised waste recycling points being installed across all University buildings and the waste bins located by individual’s desks being removed. This introduction intends to help us as a University maximise the amount of Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) we produce whilst reducing the proportion of waste we send to landfill (which currently stands at almost 600 Tonnes per year through general waste bins across the University Estate).

You will not be required to do anything except place your items in the correct waste bin, choosing between landfill waste or DMR. Please ensure that you use these bins correctly as any contamination of DMR will result in the whole bin having to be disposed of as landfill: this includes any contamination from non-recyclable materials or unclean recyclable materials.

Information detailing acceptable DMR waste can be found below, along with FAQs.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact

  • What is “Bin the Bin”?
  • What does “Bin the Bin” involve?
  • Why has “Bin the Bin” been introduced?
  • Where will the new bins be?
  • What will the new bins look like?
  • What can go in the bins?
  • Are there any food waste facilities?
  • Other waste streams
  • How often will these bins be emptied?
  • Who is in charge of emptying the bins?
  • What will I have to do?
  • What will happen to my old bin?
  • Can I keep my bin and empty it myself?
  • What other changes are happening in the uni?
  • What do I do if I have a query or issue?

What can be put into DMR?

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Computer paper / printouts




Thermal paper (shiny) receipts

Bubble pack envelopes

Confidential waste

Rolls of labels


Carboard boxes - flattened

Corregated card

Greetings cards

Foil-backed card

Plastic bottles - including lids

Yoghurt pots

Food trays

Tetrapaks/drinks cartons

Plastic bags

Shrink/bubble wrap


Plastic strapping

Cable ties

Black bin bags


Steel and aluminium food and drinks cans

Aluminium foil

Aerosol cans

Wire / cable



Food waste