Advice and Guidance

Getting help with your future

Choosing the direction in which you want to go in life could be the first major decision you ever make. On the other hand, it may be the culmination of a series of other decisions. Wherever you are in deciding which career path to take, we can help you make an informed decision and prepare and apply effectively.

This section covers:

  • Starting to work out your career path
  • Discussing your options
  • Useful reading
  • Useful links

Starting to work out your career path

Often getting started is the hardest thing in life. To help you with this, we recommend that you consider using Prospects Planner. Prospects Planner is a really useful software programme which will help you to identify and prioritise your skills, interests and motivations before suggesting a number of possible career areas based on these preferences. The software is available on the Prospects website at If you use Prospects Planner, you may need further assistance to help you decide which route is best for you.

Discussing your options

Wherever you are in your thinking, and whether or not you have used Prospects Planner, a one to one session with one of our friendly and professional careers consultants will help you to understand the type of work which might best suit you and how you can make a start in that direction. Our careers consultants, all of whom have experience of working in a range of commercial and non-commercial organisations, can also work with you to improve your CV and application forms and to prepare effectively for interviews and assessment centres.

You can arrange as many careers discussions as you need; they are available every day, on a pre-booked or 'drop in' basis and you can choose whether you would like them conducted in English or Welsh.

All careers discussions are confidential, and any advice given will be both objective and impartial.

At the end of booked sessions, the careers consultant will summarise the points discussed and work with you to develop a written action plan to help you move forward.

For more details, read our leaflet: Making the Most of Your Time with a Careers Consultant (PDF)