E-learning Modules

Whilst we offer a full range of presentations, workshops and sessions at various stages throughout the year, both within individual academic departments and centrally, you may not have been able to attend these opportunities. Therefore, we have put together a series of interactive e-learning modules to help you prepare for your future career.

Even if you have attended careers related sessions, you will still find these resources useful to help you fully develop the competencies you need to make you effective and competitive when applying for jobs, postgraduate programmes, internships or any opportunities offered in the market place.

A full listing of the modules offered is given below, with brief descriptions to help you see which ones will be of use to you for particular aspects of your career planning. 

Attending Careers Fairs and Employer Events

Use this module to help you prepare appropriately for employer events and careers fairs so you can make the most of every opportunity to initiate contact with potential employers, maximising your chances of success at these essential networking events.

Coping with Nerves

This module offers a range of practical tips and useful strategies for dealing with your nerves when you are presented with a stressful situation.

How to Read a Job Advertisement

Before applying for any job, you need to be sure that you have gathered as much information as possible from the job description and allied documentation supplied by the employer or organisation. Following this module will help you to see just how much information you can pull together to help you make a targeted application.

Matching Yourself to a Role

Having read a job advertisement and gathered all the necessary details together, you then need to appreciate how you can match yourself as fully as possible to the role in question. This module will take you through this process and help you present yourself in a focused manner.

Presentation Skills

You will probably need to make presentations as part of your degree programme and employers will certainly require you to do this in your future jobs. Indeed, these days you will probably have to make a presentation as part of the interview and selection process when applying for jobs. Use this module to help you plan and deliver professional presentations. 

Understanding Academic versus Employment Competencies

When you are job hunting, you need to present a full range of abilities, experiences and skills to potential employers. Many of these competencies will have been gained as a result of undertaking your degree. This module will help you relate your academic competencies to those that employers seek.

Understanding the Recruiter's Perspective

Whilst writing application forms or putting your CV together, do you ever really consider these documents from the recruiter's perspective? By following this module, you will pay attention to what the recruiter is seeking, thus making your future applications more focused and targeted.