Professional Development

"Professionalism is believing passionately in what you do, never compromising your standards and values, and caring about your clients, your people, and your own career."-David Maister

Professional Development is usually defined in terms of the skills and knowledge that professionals need to operate.  However, we would argue that professionalism is less a state to be attained, than a continual process of learning and re-evaluation. Professionals, in whatever role, constantly re-examine and improve their own practice.

One might say that there is a set of skills and behaviours that enable people to become and stay professional. Central to these is the willingness and ability to be constructively self-critical and reflective.

At Aberystwyth University all staff are encouraged to develop a professional attitude to their work. Used in this sense, the term professional development encapsulates all forms of staff and academic development.

The University considers that the responsibility for ensuring that personal development takes place is shared between individual, departments and University (see the University Staff Development Policy).

Workshops and programmes of study, provided by the University or by others, can provide a framework for professional development, but actual development takes place within the work context, and tools, like reflective practice and mentoring, help individuals and groups to learn in practice.


Leadership Development

Key to the success of any organisation is the quality of leadership demonstrated at all levels and hence the team working cultures that this engenders.

In addition to a range of relevant stand-alone sessions on the annual programme, such as Effective Mentoring, Understanding Team Dynamics, Chairing Effective Meetings and Facilitation, CDSAP also provides a regular, dedicated leadership programme for senior managers and an accredited professional development module on effective leadership for earlier career staff.

The following pages offer an insight into leadership and management development at Aberystwyth University.

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