Open Door Teachers 


Opening Doors
The Open Door Teacher programme is a collegial, cross-disciplinary way of sharing aspects of University teaching practice with other teachers.


Learn from real teaching
Learn from conversations generated by watching other teachers teach, skilled teachers invite colleagues to see what they are doing in a selected live teaching session and then have a brief conversation with them about it.



No forms to fill in!
Unlike the peer observation of teaching that takes place in all University departments, Open Door Teaching is intended to inform the observer more than the teacher.  No forms are filled in and no reports filed.

What does good teaching look like?
Many Open Door Teachers are holders of awards or are otherwise recognised for the quality of their teaching, but Open Door Teacher sessions are not necessarily about highly innovative approaches to teaching - they may simply demonstrate good practice.

Contact us

For information on the scheme, contact Graham Lewis

To apply to become an Open Door Teacher, please complete the Open Door Teacher Application Form


Open Door Teaching Profile

Name Subject Extension Email
Debbie Nash  Equine and Animal Science  2575 
Alison Pierse  Art and Design  2742
Mary Jacob Technology-enhanced Learning  2473
Mina Morel Animal Reproduction  1639
Tanya Rogers Information Studies  2795
Daniel Lowe Biomechanics  8558
Ayla Gol International Politics  2856
George Petropoulos Geography and Earth Sciences  1861
Graham Lewis  CDSAP  1802