Daniel Low

Dr Daniel Low

email: dal38@aber.ac.uk
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Open Door Session

Open Door Session

The session includes the use of the Socrative student APP to build a ‘discussion based classroom’. Students log

into a virtual classroom and receive a set of open and closed questions. Working in groups, students discuss

the answers, which through their discussion, develops deep understanding of the subject matter. Similarly,

their peers learn through their explanations. The answers that students provide can also be downloaded so

that the teaching team can also view areas of understanding and areas for improvement. Further still, the app

also allows for competition between peer groups. Visual representation of their group (albeit anonymous) on

the projected classroom screen shows their relative success in answering questions and helps the motivation

to engage in the activity.

Such approach is a useful and novel way of increasing engagement in revision sessions, creating an

environment for student reflection of their own knowledge and aids the understanding and learning of their


Area of Teaching

Areas of Teaching

The application of the app in a lecture setting.



After completing my PhD in 2010, I was the programme leader for foundation degrees in Sport and Exercise

Science, Bioscience and Biochemistry; the latter two programmes I personally coordinated their formation. I

achieved a PGCE in post-compulsory education from Huddersfield University. I also have obtained both the

Fellow and Senior Fellow HEA accreditation. I joined Aberystwyth University in 2013 and have had the roles of

institute Senior Personal and Director of Undergraduate Studies (former Institute of Human Sciences). I am

currently admissions coordinator and programme leader for Sport and Exercise Science in IBERS. I have

presented pedagogical research at conferences and workshops as well as on-line via NEXUS and in an

academic journal.


Teaching Awards and Qualifications

Senior Fellow of HEA (2015)

Open Door Availability

Open Door Availability

Available for consultation: Yes