Annette Edwards

Staff Development Assistant
FSEDA, SFHEA Photograph of Annette Edwards.


Office: S4, Cledwyn Building
Phone: +44 (0)1970 622386


I am the co-coordinator of the Effective Leadership modules which has been designed for early career professionals, the module looks at the models of leadership styles, team building, reflection and mentoring and I have completed this module myself.

I undertake peer observation of teaching of those teaching through the medium of English and Welsh for those on the PGCTHE scheme. I'm also involved in other aspects of the PGCTHE mainly for those registered through the medium of Welsh.

I design and plan a continuing professional development (CPD) programme on an annual basis of approximately 140 events. This programme is a combination of sessions in relation to the skills and knowledge of teaching and learning, leadership, human resource, equality, disability and generic bespoke events.

In the past I have run sessions on Train the Trainer programme which incorporates group work, learning environment, role play, and various presentation skills.  The main session that I have most interest in is the learning styles on how people learn differently and the practical implementation of these skills in designing learning/training sessions. 

I am a Fellow of SEDA (Staff and Education Development Association) and a senior fellow of the HEA (Higher Education Academy).