Bilingual Skills Strategy

The key development included in the Draft Revised Scheme is the proposed Bilingual Skills Strategy. Clause 6.2(11) of the current Welsh Language Scheme stipulates that the University will adopt a Bilingual Skills Strategy as part of its human resources planning. The Strategy has been prepared in consultation with Human Resources, the Revised Welsh Language Scheme Executive Group and the Joint Committee on the Use of Welsh. The Strategy was also issued for consultation with Senior Management, Heads of Departments, Sections and Centres and the trade unions in May 2008. All comments and observations were considered before presenting this draft.

Aim of the Bilingual Skills Strategy

The key aim of the Strategy is to facilitate the appropriate implementation of the Welsh Language Scheme in relation to staffing and provision of services to the public as defined by the Welsh Language Scheme. The Strategy looks at treating Welsh as a skill and is a planned strategic approach to managing communication skills. The Strategy also considers the principle of equality and how the University may treat Welsh and English on the basis that they are official languages of business


Holiadur Sgiliau Ieithyddol/Linguistic Skills Survey

Guidance notes to Linguistic Skills Survey

Explanation of Aberystwyth University's Language Standards for posts