7.1 Introduction

Collaborative provision refers to the management of all learning opportunities leading or contributing to the award of academic credit or a qualification that are delivered, assessed or supported through an arrangement with one or more organisations other than the degree-awarding body.

QAA - Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others


7.1.1 The Collaborative Provision section of the Quality Handbook provides the definitive regulations for the development and management of collaborative activity including, potentially, those not yet existing in which Aberystwyth University degrees are awarded, having been wholly or partly delivered in partnership with another institution. It highlights the respective responsibilities of the awarding institution and partner organisation, ensuring the University adopts a risk based approach to its engagement with collaborative activity.

7.1.2 The changing nature of collaborative arrangements in recent years has meant that Universities are now likely to work with a range of organisations to deliver collaborative provision, both within the UK and transnationally. Within Aberystwyth University the International and Collaborative Provision Committee (ICPC) is responsible for the management and oversight of the University’s international activities, and its international and UK collaborative activities. This includes the application for, the assessment of, and the review of all collaborative arrangements and to ensure all relevant documentation is available for review on request. The Committee ensures that the University and its partner organisations adhere to the QAA’s Quality Code for collaborative provision. The Committee reserves the right to amend this information when necessary. All amendments will be communicated to institutes in a timely manner.

7.1.3 There are many benefits to collaborative provision including widening access to higher education by providing flexible modes of study, locations or entry routes, access to additional expertise and facilities for research collaboration, skills development for employees, programmes enriched by the opportunity to study abroad and sustainability for teaching and learning in the Welsh language.

7.1.4  Details of the University’s Collaborative Activity can be found in the Collaborative Provision Register.

Key Documents
ICPC Terms of Reference
ICPC Schedule of Business
ICPC Dates of Committee
Collaborative Provision Register