7.4 Strategic Fit

7.4.1 The University’s Strategic Plan 2012-2017 identified six areas to deliver strategically driven activity with the overall goal being that by 2017 Aberystwyth is consistently ranked in the top 30 universities in the UK, and in the top 250 in the world. The most relevant aims in relation to collaborative provision are:

  Engaging the World: building our international reputation, attracting students from across the globe and working in collaboration with internationally recognised partners
  Working in Partnership: collaborating with other Universities, the local community and Further Education, with employers and businesses and with our alumni, building global partnerships, enriching the experience of our students, our staff and our partners.

7.4.2 The Strategic Plan provides additional strategies and targets under each of these aims and demonstrate how AU intends to grow as a university by increasing its international and regional connections, enhancing research activity, increasing interdisciplinary interaction and building upon the already excellent student experience it offers. All proposals for collaborative provision are expected to demonstrate that they fit with the strategic aims of the University.

7.4.3 The University’s International Strategy is currently being updated. The 2012 International Strategy made 11 recommendations as to the development of collaborative provision and international activities. These are;

  1. We plan the establishment of branch campuses, a) in S.E. Asia, b) to access Africa (potentially Mauritius).
  2. We should seek overseas partners who can deliver our franchised and validated provision.
  3. Institutes should design and establish high quality programmes which can be quickly adapted and delivered overseas.
  4. Institutes should design and preapprove high quality foundation programmes which may be franchised to foundation partners overseas.
  5. Aberystwyth must design and deliver an intensive English Language Training Programme which can be delivered by overseas foundation partners.
  6. Aberystwyth must establish strategic alliances with UK school and FE partners through which incoming students may be prepared to study at FHEQ level 5 and above.
  7. Each MOA/MOU to actively deliver regular staff and student exchanges.
  8. Seek to develop internationally reaching E-DL programmes with major international HEIs.
  9. Make available, map and market all the qualifications available to us in order to reach the widest possible market.
  10. We should aim to establish and develop and E-learning arm of the University with a remit of reaching a wide international audience and challenging targets for revenue generation.
  11. Conduct thorough market analysis.