Seminar Procedures

Objectives and organisation


We invite speakers from other research institutions and from the business community to give talks on their field. Both staff and students are encouraged to attend. Other members of the university are also welcome. Department undergraduates should note that a knowledge of relevant material presented in seminars may be required to answer examination questions in level 3 and M modules.

We aim to hold about 10 seminars per academic year.


There is a slot in the teaching timetable for seminars. Please consult the current timetable for details. Most seminars are held in this slot.

On occasion, a speaker may not be available for that slot and an alternative will be arranged and advertised.

In the case of seminar of wider interest, an evening time may be arranged to permit other members of Aberystwyth University or the wider public to attend.


The Department appoints a Seminar Coordinator who manages the programme, encourages suggestions for speakers, makes practical arrangements and advertises seminars.

Visits by speakers can be of value to researchers as a means of building contacts. Staff are therefore encouraged to suggest speakers and to liaise with them on dates and topics. Dates and venues must be arranged in consultation with the Seminar Coordinator.

Staff who host visitors for other reasons should consider whether it would be appropriate to invite them to give a seminar during their stay.


Speakers are reimbursed for travel and accommodation at standard University rates. They must be given the appropriate claim forms, which should be returned, with all receipts, to the Head of Department.

Where the visit is primarily for other purposes, or only relevant to a small subset of the department, it would be good if the expenses could be paid from a relevant grant.