David Hunter


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Room Number..........:  C35
Building....................:  Llandinam
Phone.......................:   +44 (0)1970 628404
E-Mail........................:   dah56
Home Page...............:   Personal

Research Groups

Teaching Areas

Modules Taught

  • CC12020: Cyflwyniad i Raglennu
  • CS12020: Introduction to Programming
  • CS18010: Professional and Personal Development
  • CS24320: Applied Graphics
  • CS24400: Scientific Python
  • CS24420: Scientific Python
  • CSM6720: Applied Data Mining
  • MA25200: Introduction to Numerical Analysis and its applications
  • MA25220: Introduction to Numerical Analysis and its applications
  • MT25200: Cyflwyniad i Ddadansoddiad Rhifiadol a'i gymhwysiadau
  • MT25220: Cyflwyniad i Ddadansoddiad Rhifiadol a'i gymhwysiadau



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