Dr Neil Mac Parthaláin BSc (Cardiff), MSc.(Wales), PhD(Wales)

Dr Neil Mac Parthaláin

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Multi-functional nearest-neighbour classificationQu, Y., Shang, C., MacParthaláin, N., Wu, W. & Shen, Q. 2018 In : Soft Computing.22, 8, p. 2717-273014 p.
Handwritten Chinese character recognition using fuzzy image alignmentLi, F., Shen, Q., MacParthalain, N. & Li, Y. 2016 In : Soft Computing.20, 8, p. 2939–2949
Fixing the root node: Efficient tracking and detection of 3D human pose through local solutionsDaubney, B., Xie, X., Deng, J., MacParthalain, N. & Zwiggelaar, R. 2016 In : Image and Vision Computing.52, p. 73-8714 p.
Rough-fuzzy rule interpolationChen, C., MacParthalain, N., Li, Y., Price, C., Quek, C. & Shen, Q. 2016 In : Information Sciences.351, p. 1-17
Fuzzy Rough Sets for Self-Labelling: an Exploratory AnalysisVluymans, S., MacParthaláin, N., Cornelis, C. & Saeys, Y. 2016 Fuzzy Rough Sets for Self-Labelling: an Exploratory Analysis.