Dr Neal Snooke

BSc, PhD (Wales)

Dr Neal Snooke


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My research interests are broadly in the area of Artificial Intelligence, particularly with respect to model based reasoning, temporal logic and software analysis. Further details are contained in the 'work' section of my Personal site and my publications are listed below. I enjoy writing software and there are several projects available to download from the 'software' section of my Personal site. When not at work I kite surf, mountain bike, fly model aircraft, and occasionally tinker with my Westfield kit car.


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Derivation of High Spatial Resolution Albedo from UAV Digital Imagery: Application over the Greenland Ice SheetRyan, J. C., Hubbard, A., Box, J. E., Brough, S., Cameron, K., Cook, J. M., Cooper, M., Doyle, S. H., Edwards, A., Holt, T., Irvine-Fynn, T., Jones, C., Pitcher, L. H., Rennermalm, Å. K., Smith, L. C., Stibal, M. & Snooke, N. 2017 In : Frontiers in Earth Science.4, 40
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Automated FMEA for PHM of UAVSnooke, N. 2014 Chapter 40, Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Valavanis, K. P. & Vachtsevanos, G. J. (eds.). 2014 ed.Springer Nature, Vol. 1, p. 870-888
Repeat UAV photogrammetry to assess calving front dynamics at a large outlet glacier draining the Greenland Ice SheetRyan, J. C., Hubbard, A. L., Todd, J., Carr, J. R., Box, J. E., Christoffersen, P., Holt, T. O. & Snooke, N. 2014 In : Cryosphere Discussions.8, 2, p. 2243-2275
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