Changes to Aberystwyth University alumni email for life service

The Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) is making changes to improve the Aber University alumni email for life service. These changes will be made to the system overnight tonight (Tuesday 28th January) and should not affect the service you receive, but to ensure that the system still works for you following the changes, we will be sending out a test message on Wednesday 29th January 2014.

If you do not receive this second message by the end of Wednesday 29 January, please contact and we will ensure that any problems are addressed as soon as possible. If you have the second message, your alumni email service will be working properly.

No, honestly!

Heard the one about the Aber alumnus who lost his wallet?
An energetic Aberite was on a walking holiday in Yorkshire, three hundred miles from home, when he discovered he had lost his wallet somewhere on the wild and woolly Moors.  Frantic, he backtracked as best he could to look for it.
In the meantime, a decent citizen was wandering the same landscape and came across the wallet.  Inside, he found nothing to identify the address of the owner, just an Aber Uni credit card.  Being a resourceful chap, he rang the University switchboard who took a note of the name and number and passed it on to the Development & Alumni Relations department.    A quick look on the database evinced a home phone number, where an answerphone message provided the gentleman’s mobile number.
Thus it was that, still searching for his wallet amongst the tussocks and bracken, the Aber alumnus received a call on his mobile from his old University:  “Do you happen to have lost your wallet?”
Within an hour the good Samaritan and the lucky Aberite had met up where the wallet was exchanged for some heartfelt thanks.  Asked to comment upon the story, the alumni relations team member responsible merely replied: “It’s all part of the service.”