Student Profiles

Ian Stevens, MSc and PhD student

"The department provides a fantastic environment for postgraduate study. It has a friendly, informal nature; it’s very easy to talk with a member of staff if necessary. This means that, as a student, you feel “involved”, and not just viewed as another face passing through the scheme. Many of the teaching staff are enthusiastic enjoy teaching, helping you to engage with the content during the taught sections of the course and to provide much-needed support during the dreaded thesis writing period!" - Ian Stevens, MSc and PhD student.

Emily Strub, MA and PhD student

"I've just completed my Masters in the department which I've really enjoyed as everyone is so friendly! The staff are always willing to go out of their way to help and offer support, which really helps you settle in quickly and make the most of your learning. In particular, the courses offered by the department prepare you for both employment and further study, which is definitely a selling point! There are also a wide range of modules to choose from, as well as varied assessment techniques to appeal to everyone. I've enjoyed this year so much that I'm starting my PhD in the department later this year which I feel well prepared for. To top it off, Aber is a beautiful place to study and people often find it hard to leave once they get here!" - Emily Strub, MA and PhD student.

Greg Thomas, PhD student

"It is great to be surrounded by so many people who share my passion for geography, and who are always willing to talk about and engage with the subject. My PhD funding provides me with expenses that I can use to visit conferences and to assist me with my research, this has proven to be beneficial to me in making contacts both in industry and academia. Within the department I also get to act as academic tutor to first year undergraduate students, and assist with the teaching of a second year module, which is both brilliant fun and gives me vital teaching experience."Greg Thomas, PhD student.

Morgan Gibson, PhD student

“Being a PhD student in DGES is a great, enhanced by your interaction with an enthusiastic staff team who are willing to go beyond their call of duty to help you in any way you can. The opportunites available to you, such as running seminar series and teaching on undergraduate course, are really rewarding, and an experience many postgraduate students in larger departments just do not get. Throughout my two years as part of the department I have been made to feel very welcome and now am very proud to be part of such a thriving research community. Undertaking a PhD is challenging, but the whole experience is made much easier and more enjoyable by being part such a vibrant, interesting department.” - Morgan Gibson, PhD student.

Samantha Saville, PhD student

"After some great experiences in the 'world of work', coming back to the department as a PhD student, I was relieved to find that DGES is still a place where I can find the support, advice opportunities and intellectual challenges that made my earlier undergraduate experience such a fruitful (and fun!) one." - Samantha Saville, PhD student

Heather McClure, MA Regional and Environmental Policy

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Regional and Environmental Policy MA at Aberystwyth University. The skills I have learnt on this course has provided me with a strong confidence in carrying out my passions, and the University itself has been a brilliant support.
The teaching staff are enthusiastic and inspiring and have really motivated me to work to the best of my ability, and the modules I have carried out have been very informative and thought provoking. I feel as though I have advanced my skill set both academically and in terms of employability.
I would highly recommend anyone looking to carry out a practical masters to take this course. It has given me huge amounts of confidence to apply for jobs that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered." - Heather McClure, MA student on Regional and Environmental Policy