Dr Dev Raj Acharya

Dr Dev Raj Acharya

Lecturer in Education

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I obtained MA in Anthropology (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), MSc in Public Health Research (University of Aberdeen, Scotland) and was awarded Aberystwyth International Postgraduate Research Studentship (AIPRS) for PhD entitled 'Measuring the effectiveness of teaching sex education in Nepalese secondary schools; an outcome from a randomised controlled trial' (completed 2014) at Aberystwyth University, Wales. I started working as a lecturer in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning (SELL) from 2015.



My research interests are mainly in global education and health education. I started my career as a public health professional to promote reproductive and sexual health to the young people. I have a keen interest in conducting the research in different areas of global education such as; sexual and reproductive health, parental and pupil role in children's educational development, questionnaire development for validity and reliability, and women's participation in decision making. I have a number of other research aspects which are in the developing phase;

  • Educational policy for sex education,
  • Teaching and learning practice in higher education
  • Creativity and education
  • Educational progress of disadvantaged children
  • Gender studies
  • Sustainable development.


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