Financial Support and Incentives for Initial Teacher Training

There are a variety of sources of funding and support available to you as a trainee teacher while you complete your course. What you’ll be eligible to receive will vary according to where you normally live, the subject you’re training to teach, as well as your personal circumstances.

Student Finance Companies

For further information, we recommend you contact your Student Finance Company who can provide detailed information and advice on the application process:


Training Grants

The Welsh Government training grants vary each year. The main features of the training grants for 2017/18:

Honours degree qualification of student

Postgraduate secondary courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and welsh

Postgraduate secondary courses in modern languages and ICT (Computer Studies)

All other main postgraduate secondary courses
Postgraduate primary courses

Primary supplement English, Welsh, mathematics and science only*


£20,000 (£24,954)

£15,000 (£19,954)

£3,000 (£7,954)



£10,000 (£14,954)

£6,000 (£10,954)




£6,000 (£10,954)






  1. Figures in brackets include total support payable to the student (Incentive plus student tuition fee grant (17/18 rate)
  2. Mathematics, Welsh, Physics and Chemistry students with a 1st would receive the £20,000 incentive plus fee grant.  
  3. For degree qualifications with no ITET incentive attached, the tuition fee grant will mean that Welsh-domiciled ITET PGCE students have access to grant funding to help support their studies.
  4. Computer science studies and MFL have been designated medium priority recruitment subjects to support policy developments in these areas and encourage individuals with a computer science or computer programming degree to enter teaching.
  5. For those with a 1st degree classification a £3,000 supplement in addition to the £3,000 incentive will be available to support students undertaking primary PGCE studies whose subject specialism is in English, Welsh, mathematics, physics or chemistry to support LNF and the teaching of core subject studies.

ITT incentive grants will only be available in the subjects or study areas listed above.  For secondary courses, in the case of joint honours degrees, the qualifying subject is the subject which the trainee is training to teach. 

Eligible students who are ordinarily resident in Wales and starting full-time postgraduate ITT courses in the 2017/18 academic year can also receive a tuition fee grant of up to £4,954, leaving a balance of £4,046 to be paid by the student, for which a tuition fee loan can be taken out.  

*degree subject specialism to raise standards at primary in numeracy and literacy and support teaching in core subjects