Recycling Myths, Inventing Nations

14th to 16th July 2010

Recycling Myths, Inventing Nations was an international conference exploring myth and myth-making in all its guises. The conference brought together scholars from around the world working across creative and critical disciplines, historical periods and theoretical approaches. During the course of the conference delegates explored the links between story-telling, mythology, histories, identities and ideologies alongside the cultural and political resonances of myth-making in relation to nationhood and national identity.

A montage depicting images of Brittania, Oedipus and unkown Hindu Goddess (probably Lakshmi or Parvati).

Professor Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow), Gillian Clarke and Alastair Reynolds acted as keynote speakers for the event. Due to the immense interest in this topic and the diversity of scholarly perspectives relating to our conference themes we put together an exciting and varied programme which resulted in a very thought-provoking event.

Although the conference is sadly over, the organisers are working with delegates to create two publications as further outcomes from the event. These publications will not only showcase the breadth and variety of papers delivered at the conference, but will also bring together an important body of work in the academic study of myth and identity. A published version of Professor Pittock's paper, 'What is a National Culture' is already available in Litteraria Pragensia 19:38 (Scotland in Europe special number), 30-47.

The conference organisers, Louise Marshall, Kate Wright and Luke Thurston are happy to respond to queries regarding the conference and our plans for publications, or even Myth 2015...? For further information please email

Images courtesy of the Wellcome Library, London and the University of Wales.