Photograph of Professor Richard Marggraf Turley.Professor Richard Marggraf Turley

Professor of Engagement with the Public Imagination
BA, PhD (Leeds)


Office: D66
Phone: +44 (0)1970 622531
Personal Web Site:

Teaching Areas

Professor Richard Marggraf Turley teaches across the department's Literary Studies and Creative Writing schemes. His option modules currently include EN38320: Romantic Eroticism, and ENM2540: Romanticism's Radical Cultures. He supervises Literary Studies and Creative Writing PhDs.


Poet and literary critic, Richard has research interests in Romantic literary and political culture, Shakespeare and food security, and contemporary poetry. He is the winner of the 2007 "Keats-Shelley Prize" for poetry, and he won the 2010 Wales Book of the Year "People's Choice" for his third collection, Wan Hu's Flying Chair (Salt, 2009). He has been involved in several collaborative projects between the arts and sciences, and is a regular guest on BBC arts and culture programmes, including Radio 3's "The Verb" with Ian McMillan, and Radio 4's "The Today Programme" with John Humphrys.

Additional Interests

Centre for Romantic Studies

Richard Marggraf Turley is co-founder and Co-Director of the Centre for Romantic Studies – the first of its kind in Wales – based in the English Department at Aberystwyth. The Centre addresses an international community of scholars and teachers. It fulfils an important role in providing a focal point for research, teaching, funding, conferences and formal institutional exchange in Wales and beyond.

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