What careers do our graduates go into?

English and Creative Writing graduates from Aberystwyth go on to a variety of interesting careers. Find out how their studies helped to get them where they are today


Daniela Evans

During her studies in English, Daniela developed those writing and research skills which helped her both in finding a job in journalism and in adapting relatively easy to the demands of her current job.

Daniela Evans


Simon Lee

Simon is convinced that his English studies extensively help in his current job

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Christine Watkins

Studying English provided Christine with a wide horizon, leading her to the gateway of her career.

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Neil Brand

“I write well because I understand language...”

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Jonathan Crouch

"Studying English gave him the self-confidence to work in a flexible environment and be open for a number of avenues..."

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Miles Vrahimis 

"I can honestly say that having an English degree was one of the most rewarding and beneficial things to have happened to me..."

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Hayley Long

"Meeting people from all backgrounds and all parts of Britain and beyond was good because it broadened my horizons and made me realise that if I put my mind to it, I can do pretty much whatever I want..."

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Sarah Hall

"Studying English at Aberystwyth was the best foundation. As well as encouraging historical literary perspective and deepening my understanding of the mechanics of language, it introduced me to texts that have been inspirational to my own work..."

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