All Our Trans Tomorrows 2018

Last November our Equality and Diversity team launched the first in a series of conferences. All Our Trans Tomorrows is the first of its kind in Wales – an annual conference featuring keynote speeches and workshops from transgender activists and academics.

The conference is free to delegates, and many attendees at the first event were primary and secondary school teachers and individuals working within social care. Delegates said that the University had provided valuable education and resources to help inform them about transgender issues.

We are proud to say that All Our Trans Tomorrows 2017 was shortlisted for the Equality and Diversity Category of the Universities Human Resources (UHR) Awards 2018. 

The second conference will centre around supporting Transgender and Non-Binary people and exploring how cisgender people can be good allies. We are delighted to have Munroe Bergdorf and Shon Faye amongst other great activists joining us to deliver talks and workshops this year.

The 2018 Conference will take place on October 17 at Medrus Suite, Penbryn.

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