University Faith Space

‌The University has two Faith Spaces, one is located on the Penglais campus and the other is on Llanbadarn campus. To book the University Faith Space you must complete the room booking form and the sign the booking agreement. Booking the Faith Space

   Faith SpacFAQs

Where is the Faith Space located?

The University has two spaces devoted to faith and quiet contemplation. The space on Penglais Campus is located in the Arts Centre to the right of the Piazza Café.  Access is externally, to the side of the building from the concourse outside the Arts Centre/Student Union.

The space on Llanbadarn Campus is located at the top of the stairs in the Blas Padarn Building.

Who can use the Faith Space?

The faith space is available to all members of staff, registered students and recognised Student Union faith societies.  

Can the space be used at any time?

The faith space is available throughout the week (including Saturday and Sunday) from 8am until 9pm. Specific times will be set aside for open access for individual staff/students for the purposes of devotion/quiet contemplation. At other times the space can be booked by University staff, students and Student Union faith societies for faith activities. 

The faith space on Llanbadarn Campus is only available when Blas Padarn is open and during these times there is open access to University staff and students. It is not possible to book the faith space at Llanbadarn for faith activities.

How do I gain access to the faith space?

To access the space you will need a valid University identity card.

Are there any specific rules for using the space?‌‌

To ensure individuals and groups of all faiths are respected “Rules of the Room” will be displayed in the faith spaces on both Llanbadarn and Penglais Campus.  In addition, individuals or faith societies who wish to book the room for faith activities will be required to complete an agreement before their booking can be accepted. The agreement will outline the obligations on those individuals/groups.

Who owns the space?

The University community owns the space but use of the space is administered via Equality Staff.

How is access monitored for security purposes?

To enable us to comply with our Prevent Duty access to the space on Penglais Campus is monitored via the SALTO lock system. In addition, periodic checks of the rooms will be made by University staff.

How often is the space cleaned?

Campus Services will check the facilities on a daily basis and regularly review the level and frequency of cleaning required.